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Conversation Between Sports72Xtrm and morbosfist
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  1. morbosfist
    2008-10-12 03:23
    Kallen started the idea. She made it clear that more than just Nunnally mattered. Her wish only reinforced that idea.
  2. Sports72Xtrm
    2008-10-12 03:07
    By the way since I can't use the Romance thread anymore I would like to make one more point why Shirley was integral and it couldn't have been anyone with just a pink folded up crane. Lelouch's wish, to "return to Ashford with everyone and watch fireworks next time", stems directly from Shirley's own wish, which she placed in a blue crane, to watch the fireworks with everyone. Lelouch takes Shirley's wish as his own in Turn 7 of R2. This is the first glimmer of Lelouch's new idea that "everyone strives for happiness" and "I want a tomorrow". Thus it wasn't just the crane the sealed the deal it was essentially Shirley. So did Kallen really convince him or was it Shirley?

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