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Conversation Between Ring and Kusaja
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  1. Kusaja
    2008-09-28 03:56
    Definitely. I hope we get something in the final DVD...whether it's an extra scene or even a Picture Drama.

    There's a chance Lelouch lived and was in that wagon at the end, but who knows...
  2. Ring
    2008-09-28 03:44
    I feel about the same. Although I liked that surprise factor in this episode, the way they left things hanging leaves you wanting.
  3. Kusaja
    2008-09-28 03:39
    I'm completely torn...part of me really likes it, another part of me really hates.

    Oh well...will need dialog, but it still left too much unresolved.
  4. Ring
    2008-09-28 03:31
    Kusaja... what did you think? That was...
  5. Kusaja
    2008-09-26 23:07
    No, probably nothing really detailed or specific...but if we have no other option, I think the Sword of Akasha is probably a better explanation than nothing, even if it is yet another DEM all the same. We'll see, maybe the subject won't even come up. Maybe we will see a completely different scenario that just makes all of us go "huh?".

    It depends...I'm wondering if Lelouch does expect to die as part of the plan, or if he knows that, for example, he has a Code and could survive being shot in any case. I want him to be more truthful and not give Kallen the silent treatment again, but you never know. The shield around Damocles may be going down, partially at least, due to Gino, who damaged it and allowed Kallen to come in for the fight against Suzaku. It's not too likely either, but I don't think it's impossible for C.C. to show up since there are still other Britannian forces in the area or she could just hijack a KMF... Although I'd expect her to stay low and out of the picture for most of the episode. Oh, Kallen would just go nuts if she saw Lelouch reviving, no doubt. She may only realize it later, depending on how it's handled.

    Schneizel does know who the real Zero is, and that is a potential problem, but it depends on what Lelouch himself orders him to do, and there are too many possibilities available. Unless Kannon has a Geass canceler hidden somewhere, I suppose Schneizel will stay like that forever. The Ikaruga may either bring down the shield entirely or just break it, if that's already been partially damaged and doesn't have the same durability. Then again, Lelouch or Nunnally might just bring the whole thing crashing down into the ocean...or even Suzaku and Kallen during their fight.

    Barely a day and a few hours left now. Hoping for the best.
  6. Ring
    2008-09-26 11:15
    If they do this in the story, they're probably not going to explain the specifics. They didn't offer an explanation on how Charles was capable of taking C.C.'s Code without the need of a contract and as an immortal instead of a Geass user. Perhaps the Sword of Akasha is an anomaly in all of this and provides unconventional ways for the Code to be transferred unknown to the viewer. An convenient deux ex machina?

    If he tries to play the same trick by trying to lie or stay silent (c'mon Lelouch ), then perhaps Kallen could shoot him in frustration. I don't think he would intentionally provoke Kallen with words into shooting him before accomplishing the Zero Requiem first though. I could see him be more truthful if he's in a position after being shot and on the verge of dying. I wonder what Kallen's face would look like if she sees Lelouch coming back to life. For the C.C. to give Lelouch the Code, she would have to find a way back to the Damocles. The shield is still up, so that would have be eliminated somehow. She's also in the ocean and the Avalon is currently heading towards a watery grave, so she would have to find a KMF or another form of transportation to get back there. Unless she can teleport somehow, it's hard seeing her ending up there.

    Since Schneizel knows who Zero is and that's why he obeyed Lelouch with mask on, maybe having another Zero might not work. Unless his final orders is to just follow the other Zero and he's not planning to de-Geass him anytime soon. Can the Ikaruga still fly? If it can, I don't think he'll do much damage if the shield is still up on the Damocles. Yeah, lots of possibilites with this.

    A few days now until the conclusion.
  7. Kusaja
    2008-09-25 14:02
    Exactly, that was pretty close to what I meant.

    Yes, I don't believe there are any other examples. I'm assuming everyone who has ever died is part of that collective consciousness, and can be contacted under the right circumstances or with the right abilities. There also seems to be some sort of communication between C.C. and V.V. so possessing a Code may help. Since Marianne was already "dead" and all that remained was her consciousness, I assume she became a part of that other world, so she could certainly know more about how it works. And still, there's the Sword of Akasha itself.

    I suppose it could work, passively...but still leaves me a with a few questions about how Codes can be passed from Charles to Lelouch in the first place. I don't know if it's the right way to do it, to be honest...but Lelouch could force Kallen to shoot him by refusing to answer her questions or even provoing her, not revealing the truth until he's dying and bleeding on the floor. The question would then be what happens next. If Lelouch already has a Code, he could revive right then and there, or someone could move his body out of the area. If he doesn't, then C.C. might come in and give him her Code, to allow him to survive. In any case, there's plenty of potential for drama here...too much in fact.

    I could see Schneizel in that role. Well, if he realizes a bit of the truth...maybe even Ougi could handle that. But I'm still wondering if Lelouch himself won't show up as Zero...or perhaps even C.C. since she's done that same job before. I suppose Lelouch will either give some final orders to Schneizel or he'll simply leave it up to whoever is "Zero". Maybe that stunt to save the one million Japanese wasn't just for laughs. If it's Ougi who led to Lelouch's defeat, maybe he could ram the Ikaruga into Damocles? A little sad, but it could work somehow. Nunnally might survive, but I don't think she will receive any special blame for Lelouch's actions, all things considered. I suppose Kallen could be one of those, in addition to the few already collaborating with Zero Requiem like Lloyd, Sayoko and Cecile. I could see a named character saying those words, but it doesn't need to be an important one...if the line is about Ougi, Schneizel or somebody along those lines, who defeated Zero, pretty much anyone in the Black Knights could say it...even Tamaki. If the line is about Lelouch's ruining Britannia, then it becomes a little harder to guess.
  8. Ring
    2008-09-25 01:55
    What is Justice? was something I was looking forward to myself. Yep, hopefully they don't leave it out.

    Ah, well, if we're talking about how it was used for in the show for these particular tracks, then I can see what you mean in that sense. You could say Nunnally had that heavy-hearted feel in all three situations. Kallen had to leave Lelouch, Nina believes she found her answer even though she will never forgive "Zero," and C.C. was questioning Lelouch if he hated her for giving him the Geass. Watching the scene again for Memory Museum, the upbeat part when it crescendos was when C.C. received her Geass and was "loved," but towards the end when the Nun talks about ending her life, it had sort of a melancholic feel to it.

    Oh, right, Clovis. That slipped my mind since I was only thinking of Marianne. He was the only example shown in the show besides Marianne who we found out was "alive," right? In Ep. 21, I think Marianne mentioned something about gaining to ability to talk to C.C. through her heart/emotion after transferring her consciousness via Geass into Anya, which seems to indicate she didn't have knowledge of doing this prior to it. Did she perhaps pass on this knowledge to Charles? Also, in this case, perhaps Clovis became one with Jupiter (collective unconsciousness) when he died.

    If it was transferred, I would make a guess that it was unknowingly done by the two parties. Charles had his hand with the Code on Lelouch's neck, and then when Lelouch yelled at him to disappear, which you can assume that he used his Geass to increase the rate of the process (sound effect and him opening his eyes further). Unknowingly, this caused Lelouch to received the Code in a dormant state. Of course, it could be that it was all just dramatic effects and this explanation would no longer work. I'm not sure if Kallen would shoot Lelouch without getting an explanation in this type of situation where they are face-to-face. Or that she would shoot him even after that... in this scenario, it would be Lelouch needing to die once for Kallen to possibly understand him. Is it right if the story does it this way?

    Maybe Schneizel can become a leader of a reformed Britannia where all nobility is abolished. Hm, someone else taking up the mask to be "Zero"? Maybe, but I don't know about Ougi being that person. It was a curious thing for Lelouch to say "Zero" instead of Lelouch when he Geassed Schneizel. He could also give Schneizel some last orders as "Zero," but perhaps there's a possibility that he could de-Geass Schneizel after everything is done and explain it to him. I could also see a disgruntled person being scornful of Lelouch. If it's Ougi, how would he accomplish this himself or be named of accomplishing this feat though? Yes, that does look inevitable now, unfortunately. One of the things that came to my mind was if Nunnally manages to survive this, will she also be scorned for being a sibling of Lelouch? Perhaps Kallen will be among those individuals of recognizing what Lelouch true intentions were. Any guesses to who will say the keywords? I think it'll be a named character, but this one is harder to pinpoint. Diethard was one of the possibilities I thought of before he dropped dead.
  9. Kusaja
    2008-09-25 00:15
    It's not like I want to see that, but would be funny enough, at first.

    I guess that's all the key is supposed to do, really. Random plot twists aside.

    All of those tracks have good intros too, in particular What is Justice? and Blue Tiger, but Guren stayed in my head for the longest time, so there.

    Yes, and those are some good suggestions for when those other tracks could be used. It would be pretty criminal if Sensibility was left out, so hopefully it doesn't go to waste. The last episode will probably have to hit quite a few emotional notes, ups and downs, so using a fair number of unique or unused tracks is almost a necessity.

    Maybe that's just the way I found to describe it... Considering the scenes Nunnally was used for so far, I mean, though I didn't consider the lyrics...which would be interesting enough. I'm the kind of guy who, once a certain track has been used in a series, sticks to a particular interpretation, even if it's not always the most appropriate one. I wouldn't say that Eternal Separation and Memory Museum are equal, by any means, so the differences you point out are valid, but I just interpret them in as having fulfilled a similar role within the show.

    I've read that theory. Well, we did appear to see Charles talking to Clovis even without a Code, didn't we? Within the Sword of Akasha. Perhaps that could happen again, if Lelouch somehow ends up returning to that place. But I'm wondering...exactly how would the transfer of that Code work? Not just because Charles would be too angry, but that even possible? I'm not too sure about that sort of thing, in general, but Kallen shooting Lelouch to "activate" me very mixed feelings, really, and wouldn't really work unless that's all part of the plan.

    That other theory may have more merit...but I'm not sure if that would mean Schneizel serving as Emperor. Lelouch could just leave him in a leadership position where he will follow "Zero", whatever that means...maybe Lelouch will put on the mask one last time, or make someone else assume that role? As for the keywords for 25, I'm uncertain about how we should read them...maybe there's some irony there? I could see a disgruntled Britannian or another person blaming Lelouch for the final collapse of their own nation. Other than that,'s probably referring to Schneizel or someone else (Zero...Ougi? ) "defeating" Emperor Lelouch. Unfortunately, that does look pretty inevitable: Lelouch's reputation will be forever ruined in the eyes of history, but hopefully a few key individuals realize the truth and are able to recognize the value of what he did.
  10. Ring
    2008-09-24 16:57
    I was joking about it, but if they pull something on the level of that... An ending where he just walks in like that? It would be funny, but I don't know about that for CG.

    I was thinking about it when reading the TV Weekly summary: "However, Nunnally holds the key to Damocles." Or maybe I'm overthinking it and they just meant the key/switch to launching FLEIJA.

    I didn't expect that either.

    It may not be as powerful as the other action tracks, but Guren had an interesting intro. Speaking of action track intros, I like What is Justice? and Check Mate's for theirs. Blue Tiger had an intriguing one as well.

    That could be what he plans to do with Continued Story. We do have two other Hitomi songs left to be played as well. Assuming they will still be played, Lullaby of M is about hearing a lullaby when you were a child, so maybe this one will be used in Lelouch's and Nunnally's confrontation? Maybe Sensibility will be used during/shortly after Suzaku's and Kallen's confrontation or perhaps when the Zero Requiem is about to be executed.

    Nunnally had a certain melancholic tone? Hm, I thought it was a rather soothing tune overall, but having the lyrics here would help out. I thought Eternal Separation and Memory Museum had a different type of feel overall. Memory Museum was like discovering something otherworldly, but not necessarily melancholic throughout. It felt kind of upbeat towards the middle. Eternal Separation was like the aftermath of something melancholic and stayed with that vibe throughout.

    What do you think about the theory floating around the forums where Lelouch has Charles' Code inside him which can only be unlocked by death? Although Kang is talking about it, if I recall correctly, a member named Guilford came up with it earlier. He did add his own speculation though like Kallen shooting Lelouch which will trigger the activation of the Code hidden in him. It would be a twist, but other speculation like Charles talking to Lelouch when he "dies," doesn't seem to connect. If Charles did lose the Code and is no longer connected to Geass, how would he be able to communicate? I find it hard seeing him leaving a message in that Code, if that's even possible, considering he was trying to choke Lelouch and was pissed he ruined his whole Ragnarok scheme. I suppose the only plausible one is that the Code allows you to communicate with the 'dead,' but still...

    Plus what do you think of the theory that Lelouch is setting the stage for Schneizel to rule? We first had Bismarck saying to Schneizel that he would be fine with him ruling after Charles completes his plan, then Charles' saying that what awaits Lelouch is Schneizel's world, and Cornelia saying that Schneizel would have been an excellent king if the times was better. Lelouch decides to keep Schneizel alive instead of killing him. The final keywords for Ep. 25 is: "This is the name of the man who should be commemorated for bringing the defeat." Will it be about Schneizel "defeating" Lelouch/Zero? In this scenario, Lelouch will be viewed as a villain at the end of the story, but I guess his "satisfactory end" would be knowing he succeeded in guaranteeing a future for the world.

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