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Conversation Between Ring and Kusaja
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  1. Kusaja
    2008-09-24 01:05
    At this point, I'm almost expecting Charles and Marianne to drop in from the World of C as ghostly apparitions...who then proceed to save Ougi for some random reason.

    That's one way to look at it, yes. But I don't expect Gino, Anya, Jeremiah and Schneizel to participate, or maybe that's just underestimating what this show can pull off. Ending everything with a cliffhanger like that would be rather cheap, yes. On another note, I can imagine a final scene which, say, has Lelouch or someone else reacting surprised at something or other, like the final scene in GunxSword if you've seen that.

    That remote can't possibly be the key to control Damocles, or could it? I mean, Lelouch had his own custom multi-purpose switch, so I can understand the idea...but you know, once FLEIJA enters the equation...that tends to override the importance of everything else.

    And Tristan Twin is apparently Tristan Divider...

    It may not be too interesting, since it's just action, but one of the songs I was expecting to hear the most, for a long time, was Guren...since Turn 1, in fact. That is unfortunately correct, we may need to wait for an extra disk. It shouldn't be too hard to release one, since Code Geass merchandise sells very well. I'm wondering if Continued Story may be epilogue-related music for the last scene or two, but not the one used during the actual credits...since Taniguchi has sometimes used an OP theme for that purpose. A hopeful note is what I want, as does almost everyone. Yes, Nunnally does seem to be an interesting song and title for that has a certain melancholic feel, and I'm wondering if we will hear it again. Another couple of songs I like from the OST are Eternal Separation and Memory Museum, which are fairly different but also have a vaguely common vibe, in a way..
  2. Ring
    2008-09-23 23:30
    Yeah, you're right. You never know what twist might come our way with this show.


    You mean something like: Kallen points a gun at Lelouch, Suzaku points a gun at Kallen, Gino points a gun at Suzaku, Schneizel points a gun at Gino, Anya points a gun at Schneizel, and Jeremiah points a gun at Anya? If they do it that way, I hope they conclude that scenario rather than blacking out and then we get a time skip to the epilogue.

    Since that remote was referred as a 'key' or 'switch', do you think it serves any other purposes other than to fire FLEIJA?

    I would have never guessed it would be named that.

    I like the new OST, but unfortunately, it seems they are still missing some songs. Listening to Continued Story, it feels like Ep. 25 is going to end on a positive and hopeful note. It seems that Kallen's and Lelouch's kiss scene, Nina's and Lelouch's conversation, and C.C.'s and Lelouch's conversation was not Continued Story that was speculated to be before the OST was released, but Nunnally. I didn't expect that. It has a certain uniqueness compared to the other CG songs, doesn't it?
  3. Kusaja
    2008-09-23 02:57
    Oh, I agree...but still, I'm trying to prepare myself for everything and anything.

    Ah, now I get it. You're absolutely right there. It seems so obvious now, but at the time...I just couldn't make heads or tails out of it. Indeed, it all makes sense.

    Anya? Hmm...I suppose she could be, though not sure to what extent her involvement would move the plot forward at this point, since her main role is done. A conversation seems interesting, maybe that could be it, if Suzaku's willing to even give those little hints in the first place. That could work. But I wonder, following along the lines of what Narona and others have mentioned (I think), if we may get another round of several people pointing guns at each would be goofy, in concept, but who knows. That's the result I'm expecting as well, mutual damage to both of their KMFs, but the scale may tip a little more in one direction or another.

    That was the speculation that came to my mind just a couple of seconds ago. It's a bit of a gamble and, on the surface, still sounds a little too funny, but it could also work if done well. On the other hand, it's also a little dangerous for all involved. Still, I wonder if there will be enough time for such a complex, relatively speaking, confrontation, when Damocles is ascending as they all speak and fight...and then we need to get an epilogue of sorts, don't we?

    I can see Schneizel stopping the self-destruction mechanism, like Lelouch ordered him to, but I don't know if the Damocles will be able to stop its current ascension. I guess that's what it all comes down to, yup, technical details aside.

    That Cecile bit was funny, yes...and did you know the result is apparently known as the Lancelot Frontier? Curious name, that one...but it's on the official webpage.
  4. Ring
    2008-09-23 00:17
    That would be too cruel, even if it's better than death.

    I think we could have. Remember that clue? I thought the EL was a U so I was confused because it looked like UIM and thought what the hell is that suppose to be. The picture in the "Standby Mode" box makes more sense now that we're looking at it in hindsight.

    The other factor that could be involved in Suzaku's and Kallen's conflict is Anya. Right now, she's fighting Jeremiah. If she defeats him and then comes to meet Suzaku, we could have a conversation between all four of them. Gino and Anya will momentarily stall Suzaku and Kallen bursts into the room Lelouch and Nunnally are in. Unlike the hanger scene where she was painfully willing to kill Lelouch without an explanation from him, perhaps this time now it will be different because she might hear from Suzaku in the heat of battle that he's doing this for the sake of his promise/a "tomorrow." She might ask or demand an explanation this time. I assume at this point that both of their KMFs will mutually be significantly damaged.

    I see people on the forums speculating a reverse situation of R1's Ep. 25 where Kallen will be aiming her gun on foot at Lelouch and Suzaku will come from the back eventually. What do you think of this scenario? I think both of their KMFs have to be utterly wrecked and likely inside the Damocles for this to occur. Unless Kallen does get around Suzaku, but decides to get off her KMF anyway even though it's still functioning.

    The only way he'll be able to get off the Damocles is to deactivate the self-destruct mode and then steer it to wherever he wants. Nunnally has the key, so it all hinges on how Lelouch's confrontation with her goes. Yeah, but at least that funny picture of Cecile being reluctant to paint the Lancelot pink while C.C. was ordering her to came out of it.
  5. Kusaja
    2008-09-22 12:39

    Maybe you're right, but we didn't get to see that moment, only the results. I think the only other thing that could happen, along the lines of using force, would be Nunnally being Geassed into forgetting her brother, which would be pretty sad but better than death. It shouldn't come to that, I hope, and even in such a case they would have to talk for a while first.

    Well, that's the obvious inspiration...but apparently the real name is FLEIJA ELIMINATOR. I think we wouldn't have guessed that in a million years though.


    Suzaku could reason with her, but that would mean revealing parts of the plan or else it would just be a bunch of empty words with no effect. He knows he can't let his guard down either, against an equivalent machine. Still, he's technically defending Lelouch, so if both Lancelot and Guren end up being heavily damaged that could also work out.

    It does raise the small question of how Lelouch will get out of Damocles next Turn...unless he plans to implement Zero Requiem from up there. And on a similar note, we lost the shiny Pink Lancelot very quickly too.
  6. Ring
    2008-09-22 09:02
    Oh, that would certainly be better for him to do.

    I think she opened her eyes when she picked up that 'key' or remote for the Damocles since she turned her head towards it. Maybe she got used to it during that moment? The way she opened her eyes was kind of creepy though. I think they have to reach some kind of resolution for the Zero Requiem to begin. I hope it's a compromise rather than Lelouch having to use forceful actions.

    Hahah, if that were its name...

    Yeah, the potential is there, but we'll see. Hopefully nothing too harsh happens.

    That's true, but maybe Suzaku will try to reason with Kallen as well? It could possibly get her to stop thinking that she must kill Lelouch without any explanation.

    It was a fabulous machine and it completely suited Lelouch fighting style. It's too bad it had to go out like that.
  7. Kusaja
    2008-09-21 22:58
    On the more positive side, I think he could also be used to rescue whoever is left behind. Boring, but less dangerous.

    Yeah, though I think she should be a little more surprised and unused to light, after not seeing for so long,'s okay. I suppose we'll see how much Nunnally is willing to compromise with her brother at this point in the story and vice versa, if they don't end up actually fighting.

    And now I wonder what was the thing's name...certainly not Lance of Longinus.

    I guess. Still, it's good to know there's potential for a good ending in the cases of C.C. and Lelouch. Now we just need to worry about the rest of the cast.

    I'd think, but we may also get some exposition about the plan via Lelouch's talk with Nunnally as well. Suzaku could certainly sidestep killing Gino, since his machine was comparatively inferior in almost every way, but with the Guren that's just not going to be enough...he'll have to maximize his efforts, at least. Maybe it is a bit hopeful indeed, but I'd prefer that to the alternative, with Gino himself possibly aside.

    Btw, it seems Shinkirou is done for. It was a pretty neat design, fabulous main weaponry and all, while it lasted.
  8. Ring
    2008-09-21 20:44
    Yeah, since Narona mentioned it, I wonder about Ougi's fate now since he stayed behind.

    Hm, that could the reason. She was desperate while looking for that remote because she thought she had to stop her brother, so we could view that as willpower overcoming the Geass.

    Yep, that was kind of amusing. I agree with that.

    Yeah, we Koshimizu to help out on this. Either way, "want" or "wanted," with their promise out there, it seems they'll still probably be together again in some form. Duration, romantic or not, etc. and all those details... we'll see.

    That's true.

    I think the truth about the plan will at least be revealed to her. It could also be a good way of letting the audience know at the same time. Yeah, Suzaku seems to be fighting for something positive. I don't think Suzaku wants to kill Gino since this is the second time he has avoided delivering a death blow to him. If Gino does intervene late in their battle, maybe all of them could come out of this alive? Or is that too hopeful?

    Yep, agreed.
  9. Kusaja
    2008-09-21 20:03
    I'm thinking 25 might still sneak in one or two deaths, but no massacre obviously. Maybe I'm being too subjective here, but I liked that 24 wasn't the feared bloodbath. Yes, I think those couples, maybe with the possible exception of Ougi if he decides to try and go kamikaze (hope not!), will survive.

    Hmm...maybe, but I didn't think of it that way...I think this is like what happened to Euphie on her deathbed, in that a person can resist Geass under certain circumstances. In this case, Nunnally's memories were altered and she was given psychological trauma, but now her mind is strong enough to open her eyes once again, in her desperation.

    It actually was a lance, how about that... I'm thinking Ganymede is out of the question, unless they bring it in just to play with the audience's expectations. Probably not, just symbolism.

    Sure, but at least they will have to be together long enough to fulfill the promise, which could even be an entire lifetime. There's some discussion, as pointed out by Narona, about whether C.C. still wants to bring an end to that accumulation of experience or if that was her old wish (to die). Apparently there could be a mistranslation, or just another way to interpret it.

    It did have a very similar tone and content, but it's being used in a far more positive way, in this case, than in Turn 15.

    I hope. They were just cruel enough to drag it out until the last episode. I'm not could be a line Kallen says to Lelouch before he disappears with C.C. once Zero Requiem is put into motion, as part of her final goodbye. It could also be used in the heat of battle, but that makes things more complicated, especially if someone dies. Kallen does seem to be motivated enough, but mainly by anger and her desire to stop/kill Lelouch (she didn't hesitate, only cried, when she tried to do this in 24). I think she may need a little push, to suspect something else is going on, or else it's going to be hard for her, since Suzaku is still technically fighting for something more positive, "tomorrow"...then again, Gino may intervene to distract Suzaku at the cost of his life, since he barely has a KMF left.

    I agree, including some good tracks that we hadn't heard for a while, but which weren't in the first OST. Hopefully we won't miss out on any of them.
  10. Ring
    2008-09-21 19:14
    Ok, thoughts :

    Considering how they kept so many people alive instead of following through with traditional death flags in this episode, I think perhaps a bittersweet ending for the main cast and a hopeful ending for everyone else could happen. The minor couples like Ougi x Viletta, Cornelia x Guilford (great that's he alive, but it sucks that he's blind), and Toudou x Chiba could all remain safe for the epilogue.

    Nunnally overcoming Charles' Geass was a curious one. Does it mean that when the giver dies, it weakens on those who were Geassed?

    So, Nina's countermeasure was something that completely disables FLEIJA, but it does look like it takes quite bit of work to do it. I wonder if that thing we saw the OP will ever come into play? Perhaps it was just symbolic?

    I think Lelouch and C.C. being together in the end is likely after seeing this episode, but it could be ambiguous rather than anything romantic. I think that Sunrise guy's sentence about fulfilling their contract after everything is over (Zero Requiem completed?) and "what do do after" makes more sense if you look at it like that. From her line with Kallen where she says she wants to bring an end to the accumulation of her experiences while caring about the promise, it looks like she wants to do that with Lelouch.

    Lelouch's speech to Schneizel about how a never-exhanging world is not alive, but an experience felt like C.C.'s speech in Ep. 15 didn't it?

    Kallen is defintely going to get a resolution to her subplot next episode. There is no way they can leave this hanging without being cruel. What do you think the context of her gum line will be? I also believe Kallen's chances of beating Suzaku is higher now because I think she's going to confront Lelouch again.

    There were some great tracks played in this episode. The upcoming and final OST should be a good one.

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