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Conversation Between Anju-chan and Chocolate Pocky
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  1. Chocolate Pocky
    2009-10-06 07:28
    Chocolate Pocky
    wow that is pretty small,compared to my school. My school has like 580+ freshmen and alot more seniors,juniors and sophmores. the distrit is making a bigger school for the high school and that'll be ready in the summer. you have latin? wat's that like? my school doesnt provide many language classes only spainish,french and german2. I wish it had japanese...
  2. Anju-chan
    2009-10-05 20:02
    I can't say the name sorry, but I go to a rather small school. From Mother's Day Out (babies) to 8th grade, there's less than 200 students. We're pretty much the smallest school around our area. We only had our first graduating class a few years ago, and there were only 4 students in that class. My class is the biggest class yet: 18. Last year's class had 2 boys and the rest were girls, and all the other classes had a majority of boys (one had no girls at all!). My class is the first to be equal.
    Oooh, aerobics. That makes me hurt just thinkin bout it! I have evil Latin right now, it's positively awful.....
    How big is your school?
  3. Chocolate Pocky
    2009-10-04 21:16
    Chocolate Pocky
    Oh ok that makes sense. english....meh...being in 9th grade is just the same as 8th i think the only difference is i dont have my friends in my classes. which is saddening. and yea i take electives, even tho i dont want to. like areobics. i hate that class so much! x.x Wat school do u go to?
  4. Anju-chan
    2009-10-04 17:19
    Oh woopsie! My english teacher used to be the most evil and now she's the kindest. My AH teacher's evil. WOAH! You're in 9th grade?!?! *imagines heavenly light shining on you* You're totally extremely cool in my eyes!!!!! *bows repeatedly* Oooh.......ouchie. Evil math and science teacher = not cool :/. I don't want to go to school either I'm praying I'll have a fever tomorrow morning. Mondays are awful aren't they?
    Are you taking any electives?
  5. Chocolate Pocky
    2009-10-04 14:18
    Chocolate Pocky
    So, ur history teacher is the most evil teacher and she's now the kindest? thats odd. and ur in 8th grade? cool, im in 9th grade now, and my scince and math teacher suck butt. I dont wanna go to school tomarrow.
  6. Anju-chan
    2009-10-04 11:51
    Hehe. So am I, though that's just cause of the sickness. Usually I'd be jumping on the walls. An yeah, my teacher'll give me one of those evil lectures (although I don't exactly blame's my bad hehe). Blah. She's already yelling at us every single class because all of our previous teachers really taught us nothing about AH. Ugh.... 8th grade year is not really starting out good for us...(the most evil teacher is now the kindest 0.o)
  7. Chocolate Pocky
    2009-10-04 00:01
    Chocolate Pocky
    H1N1 sounds like it sucks. and not being able to finish ur history homework soundslike it sucks to. and ur teacher will blow up hjust cuz u forgot ur history book? that sounds stupid. Im good i suppose. im just kinda tired
  8. Anju-chan
    2009-10-03 09:20
    Hey! I'm okay. I think I've got H1N1, though. Not cool!!! And I left my American History book at home, which means I can't do my hw. My AH teacher's gonna blow off my head. But other than that I'm good! How are ya?
  9. Chocolate Pocky
    2009-09-26 20:35
    Chocolate Pocky
    Hi How are ya?
  10. Anju-chan
    2009-09-15 17:34
    If I'm reading the date right (which I usually end up reading backwards for some odd reason), you should be relatively new to the forums! I might be a bit late but, Welcome! :-D

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