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Conversation Between Anju-chan and Katsu Koneko
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  1. Katsu Koneko
    2008-10-11 17:43
    Katsu Koneko
    I remember I had to do a brochure on this thing in Biology, Mine was like the biggest in the whole class. xD Yay for that one site! <3
  2. Anju-chan
    2008-10-11 14:22
    It's done now but it was project was evil though....had to make a brochure about an alternative energy source.....and world history ended up having all the answers on one site .
  3. Katsu Koneko
    2008-10-08 18:12
    Katsu Koneko
    Very odd, but oh well~ How's the project?
  4. Anju-chan
    2008-10-08 15:48
    Yes! XD XD XD XD! this has become a very odd and hyper conversation......o.0
  5. Katsu Koneko
    2008-10-07 17:29
    Katsu Koneko
    Yay for cheering. xD
  6. Anju-chan
    2008-10-06 19:05
    Yay! thankies! And 'll be cheering for you on your next project!
  7. Katsu Koneko
    2008-10-05 18:25
    Katsu Koneko
    I just finished my two projects yesterday. @-@ I finally get the chance to go on the computerrrr!

    Good luck~ I SHALL ROOT FOR YOU! xD
  8. Anju-chan
    2008-10-05 18:18
    If only they didn't like to do that......I would have my science and world history project DONE!!!!!!! ARGHHHHH!!!!!! And they're due this Friday........
  9. Katsu Koneko
    2008-09-27 21:03
    Katsu Koneko
    Because they love to taunt us? xD Projects ew~
  10. Anju-chan
    2008-09-27 13:06
    projects.....why do projects have to tempt us to procrastinate?! It's....just....too...tempting....PROCRASTINATION! !!!!!

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