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Conversation Between Anju-chan and Katsu Koneko
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  1. Katsu Koneko
    2008-09-27 02:48
    Katsu Koneko
    Yesh! And still doing it on a project. xD -shot-
  2. Anju-chan
    2008-09-26 15:44
    Yes, all hail the everlasting procrastinators!!! XD
  3. Katsu Koneko
    2008-09-25 18:49
    Katsu Koneko
    Yay for procrastination! xD -shot- ::doing it right now::
  4. Anju-chan
    2008-09-25 06:44
    Haha. I do that everyday.......A very bad habit of mine.....
  5. Katsu Koneko
    2008-09-24 23:50
    Katsu Koneko
    Yeah being lazy. xD I'm procrastinating on homework.
  6. Anju-chan
    2008-09-24 19:25
    Awesome. I'm great, just hanging out on the computer, being lazy.
  7. Katsu Koneko
    2008-09-24 17:18
    Katsu Koneko
    I'm good you~
  8. Anju-chan
    2008-09-23 18:29
    You're welcome. How are you?
  9. Katsu Koneko
    2008-09-21 15:27
    Katsu Koneko
    X3 Hey there, thanks for befriending me!

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