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Conversation Between Micante and Freya
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  1. Freya
    2008-09-16 22:00
    Lol I'm trying to learn CSS and C++ but failing miserably.
  2. Micante
    2008-09-16 21:52
    Don't worry about it, I learned it myself just a while ago when I saw someone use strikethroughs in the C.C. Thread, I believe.
  3. Freya
    2008-09-16 21:42
    Dammit I can't rep you.
  4. Micante
    2008-09-16 21:38
    For strikethroughs, type [.s][./s], but take away the . in them. If you see someone using a html code that you want to use, just quote them and see.
  5. Micante
    2008-09-03 00:37
    Maybe you were a random AS member.
  6. Freya
    2008-09-03 00:30
    I'm not featured in her clip. I'm sad.
  7. Micante
    2008-09-02 22:39
    Hmm... perhaps this will convince you. It's a little GIF Narona made at the revealing of Nunnally's not-deadness.
  8. Freya
    2008-09-02 22:37
    Nope lol. I was about to defame that one guy too. :]
  9. Micante
    2008-09-02 22:36
    Are you just feeling guilty that you defamed all those people?
  10. Freya
    2008-09-02 22:34
    I REFUSE to believe it!

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