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Conversation Between Micante and SweetHoney
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  1. SweetHoney
    2008-09-01 23:13

    I can't wait to read it then. I was laready shocked the fact V.V was the one to shoot Marianee as well. So your fanfic is going to be full of them I'm sure of ^^

    So I'll keep patient till you've done with it, oh and good luck to!
  2. Micante
    2008-09-01 23:03
    Thanks, I guess you've read my wallbreaker since you used plural?

    I'm writing a revised scene of Marianne's shooting (and by revise, I mean take the seriousness and kill it off in a way worse than V.V. killed off Marianne's two unfortunate guards). I kind of feel guilty doing this... but... hey, ideas are ideas.
  3. SweetHoney
    2008-09-01 18:37

    Just finished your fanfic awhile ago (been sick so I'm sorry)

    And it's pretty good ^-^ I like how you made up names for V.V & C.C I never thought of that

    Hope you keep writing more since your fanfics are pretty good
  4. Micante
    2008-08-25 09:49
    No problem, thanks for the friend request~!

    Anyways, I'll PM you the link to the V.V. fic I wrote. It's a one-shot so it's done already.
  5. SweetHoney
    2008-08-25 03:13
    Hawoo Micante \(^o^)/

    Oh no I kind of know who you are so it's not problem ^^

    With the fanfic I've only just started writing it today though Only the whole issue with Gino and the character I've made up will play later on in the story though ^^''

    Hmm, I also thought you were writing a fanfic about V.V and others. If so I wanna read it sooner or later.

    Well I'll let you read the first chapter in a few days/hours I dunno if not just remind me

    P.s Hope you don't mind if I request to be friends
  6. Micante
    2008-08-24 16:21
    Hi Sweet, you probably have no idea who I am. Anyways, I've been in lurker mode for about a week since I wasn't really on a good computer and I happened to find that you were writing a fanfic about Gino.

    Anyways, I'd be very interested in reading it when you're done. ^___^

    I'm planning to write a fic centering around the KoRs pre-R2 but I'm not sure how I could characterize Gino and since you're a Gino fan, I want to see your input through your story.

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