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Conversation Between Micante and Kang Seung Jae
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  1. Micante
    2008-09-11 00:04
    Well, see ya, I'll be going to bed now. You'll probably think I'm an annoyingly dense idiot now, and I won't try to prove you wrong.
  2. Micante
    2008-09-10 23:31
    Ah, well, seems like I misunderstood. Better leave the doujinshi stuff to the pros... and before KiKi virtual smacks me for ruining her vision of me as a fanboy without the annoying fanboy qualities.
  3. Kang Seung Jae
    2008-09-10 23:30
    Kang Seung Jae
    CC isn't a Korean circle >_>
  4. Micante
    2008-09-10 23:24
    Well, I don't really pay attention to the artist circle, but CC has been one that's been etched into my mind after it victimized me, a hapless bored person out looking for some cheap entertainment. I feel like a newb that went into pro territory in a game and got PKed after my first meeting with a CC work.
  5. Kang Seung Jae
    2008-09-10 23:21
    Kang Seung Jae
    Well, Koreans drew quite a few doujins, although not at the scale of Japan. Also, most of them really go public.
  6. Micante
    2008-09-10 23:20
    Indeed, I didn't even know CC was a Korean circle until now . Well, I guess this increases the chances of translations that make me ROFL and stop me from actually finishing it.
  7. Kang Seung Jae
    2008-09-10 23:18
    Kang Seung Jae
    I live in a paradox: So white in public, so black in the shadows
  8. Kang Seung Jae
    2008-09-09 23:27
    Kang Seung Jae
    Excellent! Go on and poste whenever you like to.
  9. Micante
    2008-09-09 23:23
    Hey, Kang. Remember that Kalulu history thing I made yesterday? I made one for the United Fedeation of C.C. as well and thought I should get your O.K. as well before I post it in the Romance Thread for some laughs in the future. Anyways, here it is:


    In the year 2010 A.D. Var has fled the battle due to his illness, leaving KrimzonStriker and the army he has gathered to be in the perfect position for victory. However, instead of securing victory, Krim decided to abandon the battlefield to look for Var, realizing that he failed to secure a true victory against the former Emperor.

    Knowing that he may never again meet an adversary as great as Var, KrimzonStriker decided to leave everything and become a wanderer to seek out either Var or greater opponents. At Krim's disappearance, Narona and the other members of the high council of C.C. decided to cover up KrimzonStriker's sudden disappearance as to not cause panic. Narona took on KrimzonStriker's role and ensured that everyone believed the former leader was still the leader.

    2015 A.D. KrimzonStriker was wandering the desert regions when he found strange logical calucations carved inside rocks. Recognizing the handwriting of Var, he quickly read the jumble of numbers and noticed something at the end of the equation. That thing was, "Dragon Slash the Cake".

    Since then, KrimzonStriker found many other clues, all with formulas that leads to a solution of doing something horrible to a cake. Krim, remembering that Var fell ill to Logic Addiction, wondered if perhaps, Var challenged his addiction with an addiction for something else. Since then, KrimzonStriker has been hot on Var's trails, but never seeming to catch his old adversary.

    2016 A.D. KrimzonStriker has made contact with Narona, now with significanlty less clothes than when he started off his journey and requested new supplies. Narona used this chance to tell Krim about the creation of the United Federation of C.C. and how KrimzonStriker needed to show up as a figurehead to seal the deal. Krim, although hesitant about the plan, realized he was running out of pants, so had to agree to the deal.

    2017 A.D. Krim has returned to his life of wandering, seeking out Var. However, he sees one last equation written in blood (there's a possibility that the blood isn't Var's). This time, it said, "The Cake is a Lie!" Looking at the messages of his former adversary, Krim realized that his place as an adversary in Var's heart was replaced by an inanimate object. Looking back at the last years, he saw only a wasted life. KrimzonStriker looked towards the heavens and shouted, a message that would reach the Gods.

    At this time, Narona organized a force under Krim's name to finish off the remnants of the Kalulu Empire. However, a new opposition in the from of a talented Shipper, known as Kang Seung Jae, rose to oppose. Kang soon became the new Emperor of the Holy Kalulu Empire and the greatest obstacle in the United Federation of C.C. was reborn from the ashes.

    Narona, deciding that Kang could be just much of a threat as Var was seven years ago, called KrimzonStriker back. When Krim heard about the talents of the new emperor, he came back and became a proper leader, hoping that Kang will be able to match Var. Since then, the United Federation of C.C. awaited Kang's next move...


    So, tell me if you think anything needs changing or if you feel this shouldn't be posted, etc. and I'll obey your commands. :O
  10. Kang Seung Jae
    2008-09-08 23:29
    Kang Seung Jae
    Perfect. Post it in the Speculation Thread

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