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Conversation Between Cierra and Pellissier
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  1. Pellissier
    2011-04-09 02:26
    Happy Birthday!
  2. Pellissier
    2010-04-15 10:39
    Was I on your Christmas List? I didn't even know

    Anyway, take your time, as long as it's a bishoujo, it's all right
  3. Cierra
    2010-04-15 03:23
    thanks a lot for your wishes Pelli of the east ^_^ I still owe you your Christmas signature though. I'll call it spring signature for the time being
  4. Pellissier
    2010-04-09 13:23
    Happy Birthday, dear scarlet witch
  5. Cierra
    2009-10-24 16:24
    i dunno but you surely are awesome cause right when i got my computer and my connection you sent the message!
    I really appreciated ur tries and thank you very very much!
  6. Pellissier
    2009-09-24 13:46
    That's how it was meant to be! Thank you witchie!
  7. Cierra
    2009-09-24 12:24
    Gotta agree with manju on that. It's fluffy and fluttering~ Fluttering and fluffy!
  8. Pellissier
    2009-09-09 03:21
    Don't worry, don't worry. Everything you say is always fine for me ^__^
    I was just slightly off since it was the first time I heard of it, but actually it was good!
  9. Cierra
    2009-09-08 07:21
    ah, I'm sorry of that looked funny >.<
  10. Pellissier
    2009-09-08 03:55
    Lolwut? "Pelli of the east" ? I guess my user title is really starting to stall. Must change it ASAP

    Thanks a lot, cheerful Scarlet Witch!

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