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Conversation Between Cierra and Pellissier
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  1. Cierra
    2009-09-07 16:47
    Happy Birthday Pelli of the east!
  2. Cierra
    2009-04-09 13:35
    Oh,it's Pelli!
    been a while seeing u around ^_^ Thanks a lot for ur wishes!
  3. Pellissier
    2009-04-09 06:00
    Happy Birthday, Scarlet Witch
  4. Cierra
    2008-12-29 12:08
    I understand,who would stay in in summer anyways? My best friend is bugging me to watch Higurashi but i'm way 2 scared to cause of the blood and violence *gulp*
  5. Pellissier
    2008-12-29 10:54
    I also liked KKN quite a lot. Unfortunately it aired during the summer... and in summer I usually don't do gifs ^^ (unless something major occurs like Higurashi, but that's it ^^ )
  6. Cierra
    2008-12-29 10:38
    They were great Peli! heehee, i love this anime a lot and it has lots of funny scenes. I need to search for some good ones and let u know if u can make them!
  7. Pellissier
    2008-12-29 10:20
    Don't worry ^^ , by "difficult" I meant that it was amusing to keep them under 50 KB. But that always happen with scenes which aren't blinking or head movements
    I followed the instructions more than the timeframes, I just hope to have made something of your pleasure :x

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