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Conversation Between Cierra and Eps~
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  1. Cierra
    2010-01-17 16:28
    ah,not a problem at all ^^
  2. Eps~
    2010-01-15 15:25
    Wow that's for me, gosh I don't know I to say ... I love you too!

  3. Cierra
    2010-01-15 11:37

    i like spamming your thread with presents! Enjoy it and dun spam Eiker a lot!
  4. Eps~
    2009-09-01 13:14
    Thanks! Better late than never I always say
  5. Cierra
    2009-09-01 11:49
    ah,i've been late >.<
    Happy Birthday Epsie~ !
    Hope u had a huge party! too bad escimoe stole all the hats and ate the cake
  6. Cierra
    2009-04-09 13:19
    thanks a lot for ur wishes ~epsie!
  7. Eps~
    2009-04-08 17:29
    Happy birthday :3
  8. Cierra
    2009-03-01 08:26
    I'll give u a hint
    My granny was in love with Greece. She would force me to wear ancient greek clothes on halloween and learn all the gods.
    Also my name is greek
    Helena-Venus how bout that?
  9. Eps~
    2009-03-01 08:18
    Ow cmon, it can't be that bad ... can it? o.o
  10. Cierra
    2009-03-01 08:09
    it's 2 bad i cannot fit my huge chocobo doll in a suitcase but i'll surely get myself tons of lovely pocky and anime dvds!

    I'm not sad for leavin Japan but i'm depressed on where they transfered me

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