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Conversation Between Saharet and wanwan1203
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  1. Saharet
    2009-05-21 00:35
    thanks wan~ ~
  2. wanwan1203
    2009-05-20 19:33
    Happy Birthday Saha
  3. wanwan1203
    2009-03-17 05:03
    *snuggled some more* @_@
  4. Saharet
    2009-03-16 12:05
    yes? >.>
    *snuggles wanwan more*
    Something wrong Riyuu-papa? >_>
  5. wanwan1203
    2009-03-14 04:42
    *glomped and snugged* @.@! umm happy happy love joy back? l_o!

    missing you saha. take care. *hugs*
  6. Saharet
    2009-03-10 09:39
    *glomps the pair* happy happy love joy, girls *snugs and leave them to their happy lovey moment*
  7. wanwan1203
    2009-02-11 08:31
    OMG SAHA!!! IT'S NIKKI!!! *flails and dies of happiness*

    and nikki if you're reading this: OMG IT'S YOU!!! i miss you ;-;!!!!

    *happy dances* *glomps both*
  8. wanwan1203
    2009-01-07 13:45
    belated merry christmas and a happy new year to you saha ^^ *huggles* i miss you a lot. >< finally finished twilight >.> lol.. and yesterday while cruising the freeway i heard your emo song! didn't recognize it at first but when the chorus came up it was "omg saha o.o!" XD i don't care~ i don't ca--*bopped by allquall and the other skype people XD* got depressed a lot here, missed you and the others especially riyuu a lot.. and parents are still the same. >< but atm i'm fine and dandy (i just read the unread visitor msgs, emails from riyuu, private msgs) and i realized how much i miss you guys. please tell them that even though they don't hear from me much i am always thinking about them and constantly missing their craziness and company. ^^ heading back home to the philippines tonight california time. hopefully i can get hold of more net time when i return. (they left me here at my aunt's house in california atm. so stealing net time muahahahaha >.> <.< l_o) ^^ yosh take care *hugs tightly* -wan
  9. Saharet
    2008-12-25 01:29
    Merry christmas dummy :3
    *hugs tight*
  10. wanwan1203
    2008-12-08 05:07
    *is wolfie hugged* i will.
    *wrinkles nose* now all we're missing is the onii-chan and the wolf family will be complete ^^;


    *gives saharet a wan hug* there we go. ^^

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