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Conversation Between Saharet and Nikki the Kitty
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  1. Saharet
    2009-09-28 20:24
    GNIIII o///////////O ZE EARS D: *grabs tail and plays with it* <_<
  2. Nikki the Kitty
    2009-09-25 23:35
    Nikki the Kitty
    *bites ear* Rawwr!
  3. Saharet
    2009-07-26 08:07
    *Bends Nikki over*
    ... wait we were talking of her toe right?
  4. Saharet
    2009-07-09 07:31
    *hugged tightly* |3 bwahahah nice to hear you're still alive, too bad you won't need CPR >.> :P
    Anyway, have fuuuuuuuuuuun!
  5. Nikki the Kitty
    2009-07-08 23:27
    Nikki the Kitty
    *flails* I'm not deaaad yet! Just in bum**** egypt Y_Y haha *hugs tightly*
  6. Saharet
    2009-06-18 01:30
    Happy birthday nikki, send you a pm
    *leans up to give a birthday french kiss*
    =D *bricked*
  7. Saharet
    2009-05-14 17:33
    I'm glad about that ^^ I'm not working this weekend!!!!!
    Oh...well I'm doing good, caught a bit of a sore troat or something but I'm taking care of it and guess what Nikki, I won "Best Cinematography" for our movie me and my crew made O>O!
  8. Nikki the Kitty
    2009-05-14 17:24
    Nikki the Kitty
    *poke* :3 how is Saha doing ? Sorry I end up getting on late >.< But I got a day off work coming up soon so I should be able to see you on sat or sun ^^ gotta run back to work now xD i'm on one of the computers in the cafe while on break lol *is shot at* O>O
  9. Saharet
    2009-05-07 22:55
    *pounced and twirls the neko around*
    It's alright ^^ I know you're busy
    *kisses the kitty ears*
    At least I know you slept :P
  10. Nikki the Kitty
    2009-05-06 22:51
    Nikki the Kitty
    *pounces* Hey saha! I'm in school right now xD Sorry I didnt come on last night or the night before >.< ended up doing out to dinner with some friends from school and small girl only party at my friends and I sorta fell asleep on her couch xD

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