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Conversation Between Larthak and Nikusu
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  1. Nikusu
    2010-04-27 14:50
    Oh lovely. Someone who shares my sentiments. Every once-in-awhile I get a little inspiration, but as soon as I think of opening Photoshop I lose all interest.

    The manga is even better! The anime was solid, but the manga covers even more! Definitely worth looking into.

    Sket Dance is my one true love. The list is long, but it actually doesn't consume much time unless I start a long-running series. I end up reading new series because I get bored waiting for old ones to be released. I tend to only read maybe 4-5 chapters a day. Sometimes not even that.

    The problem with 4-koma manga is most of the ones I love aren't translated or aren't translated, but are licensed in the U.S. I don't know how much of a pain that is to get in the EU (had to check your page). I love Ichiroh! and S.S. Astro. Suzunari! is also a great manga that is only two volumes long.

    *Drops all thoughts after reading your anime list* Before anything else, Code Geass. TRY IT! Now. No seriously, right now.

    Okay, back to manga... You're saying you want me to help bring down the Berlin Wall of manga dislike so I must say if you're wanting to get into other genres Beelzebub might be a good start. It's got lots of outrageous comedy, but if might be a nice transition into action. Another route to take is try some manga of the anime you've watched. Fruits Basket is especially a fantastic choice. Shoujo, but the manga brings MUCH more closure than the anime. Hayate no Gotoku! is also another great choice. I loved the first season, but the second season of the anime kind of turned me off. By then I was reading the manga and the characters seem to lose a little charm when animated.

    Once you break your 4-koma and/or harmless fun ways I have much to teach you of the manga world. Bwahaha!
  2. Larthak
    2010-04-26 11:48
    Stopped updating? Why, of course...I had absolutely no inspiration for a very long time. And still don't, actually. That Ranma sig took all the creative energy from my hiatus period. Next sig: approximately in 1-3 years from now (excluding SOTM).

    Ah, Azumanga is one of my long time favorites. Not a bad idea to try manga as well, could be interesting to see the slight differences. You guessed it right, I am a HUGE manzai-obsessed comedy fan! Could be almost considered an otaku in this aspect.

    Sket Dance, eh? Noted...I'll do some research once I have some spare time. And damn, you've got one hell of a list of currently followed manga. That must be taking a lot of your time.

    About my preferences, could take a look at my anime list, but I fear its contents will not warrant what I may like as a readable medium. Let's rather stay where we began. I mean, dramatic stuff builds up the interest in a viewer better when it's "live"; in my case at least. That's why I'd rather venture into the seas of 4-koma and harmless fun than reading things like Death Note (not to mention I sometimes get lost in those B&W flashy scenes where I can't really tell what is what XD (a friend showing me some Hajime no Ippo scans is a great example of that)).

    Well, thank you for taking your time with those suggestions. Maybe you'll finally break this invisible barrier of mine shielding me from the goodness of a manga world =))
  3. Nikusu
    2010-04-25 01:00
    That's only because you stopped updating. You had quite the devoted following. I know because I myself had none. There were those who would kill for your next masterpiece!

    So true. You pretty much know my sentiments. Too many cogs in the machine to screw it up. Animation budgets have been hit especially hard. There's still good talent, but Jun Fukuyama and all those A-list seiyuu are having to lower themselves for work. You should at least try Azumanga Daioh if you like Yotsuba!. Same author, same hilarious gags. I'm a pretty big 4-koma fan as well.

    True true. The whole forum is kind of dead though. Just last year the creator thread was filled with new talent that had just joined and were totally getting into the anime scene. Then everyone and their grandma left. It's kind of sad going into the Geass thread because though I like the people who are STILL loyally posting there, there's no fresh blood. Blah.

    I was totally replying as I was reading so forgive my sloppy reply. Like I said, Azumanga Daioh is probably a good start for you. It really depends on your taste. Based on your favorite anime in your profile I'm guessing you're a big comedy fan. Sket Dance MAY be to your liking. When recommending I try to avoid personal choices and go strictly with what the person prefers, but I just HAVE to say this manga is epic. It's kind of like Gintama without the action. It's got some pretty good manzai moments which you seem to like. I can recommend a lot of manga if you give me more details on your preferences.

    These are my lists. If you have any questions I'd be glad to help. I love getting people into manga. If they're on this forum then anime is most likely already a given.
  4. Larthak
    2010-04-19 11:35
    Thread of awesomeness? Didn't you mean "The ancient forgotten thread of emptiness and arts long lost in the sands of time"?

    Yeah, not much watchable stuff for the last few months, I share your pain...Can understand why you read manga, noone but the author can screw it, right? No animation budgets, no seiyuu hiring, nothing...only the brilliant mind and his loyal pen. Still, I can never force myself into reading that stuff (even harder when there's an animated version), apart from Yotsuba. Funny stuff, that one.

    Kinda hard to believe manga threads would be dead with the sheer ammount of users registered here. But then again, we're not MangaSuki...

    ...not directly, anyway. Got any tip for some manga? Something you really enjoyed? You know, for those evening readings.
  5. Nikusu
    2010-04-18 21:40
    Blasphemy!? Anyone would have assumed such. You disappeared from your thread of awesomeness! That in itself is blasphemy!

    Anime hibernation eh? I'm still in the midst of one of those. Though I'm still hardcore (even more so now) into manga. Having issues getting into anime because it's either highly funded garbage or crappy funded, crappy animation anime that actually have good stories and SHOULD have funds. BLAH! Life is great. Living the dream. And yourself? I don't really post much. I just get on to reply to PM's and visitor messages. Hard to post on animesuki when I don't watch anime. The manga threads are kind of dead and general is on crack. That was a long post. Eek!
  6. Larthak
    2010-04-18 11:42
    What do you mean you didn't know I was still alive? I can hardly believe my eyes, such blasphemy!!

    Jokes aside, I just didn't post until a while ago. Had my kind of "anime hibernation period". Anyway, how's life? Still posting around?
  7. Nikusu
    2008-12-07 05:49
    That'll do Larthak. *cough* Larthak-dono *cough*

    I really do admire your work though. Usually it's obvious which work came first and you can see a progression in skill. With yours it's all so amazing and then that recent Konata siggy is just... Words can not explain so we'll just go with "Uguu."
  8. Larthak
    2008-12-07 04:24
    Oh! Thank you for accepting! And please, no Kami-sama.
    I'm just a mere mortal seeking the joy of friendship. ^^
  9. Nikusu
    2008-12-07 04:08
    Konichiwa Kami-sama. You're my friend. Yay!

    Yes, that's the only reason I came to your page to post. I need a freaking life.

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