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Conversation Between Raging Heart and Preston
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  1. Raging Heart
    2008-08-12 09:08
    Raging Heart
    that's ok.
  2. Preston
    2008-08-12 09:06
    It isn't Nanoha related. >.< I'm hoping to get in published in Asimov's, but that is quite unlikely.
  3. Raging Heart
    2008-08-12 08:25
    Raging Heart
    that's cool, i wait till you post it.

    can't wait ^_^
  4. Preston
    2008-08-12 08:21
    Mm. Just finished it, in fact. Need to post it off.
  5. Raging Heart
    2008-08-12 06:40
    Raging Heart
    that's great, so you working on a story?
  6. Preston
    2008-08-11 17:30
    I'm fine thanks. Been a bit consumed lately by my novelette and getting it sorted.
  7. Raging Heart
    2008-08-11 15:27
    Raging Heart
    Hi Preston, how are you? hope you are ok?
  8. Raging Heart
    2008-07-27 06:05
    Raging Heart
    cool, Pennywise story i can't wait till you let it out, this will be a pure fun.
    for the anime while it's still new, well it start this year and still more Eps coming i have my hands for 13 Eps from a friend of mine.
  9. Preston
    2008-07-27 05:32
    Thanks. And nope, I haven't heard of that series... I just wiki'ed it and it sounds interesting. Ahhh, annd I have yet to start that Pennywise fic. ^^"
  10. Raging Heart
    2008-07-27 04:43
    Raging Heart
    Hi Preston, nice story, caught me off again, lolz.

    anyway i am looking forward the rest of your fiction, one more thing, do you hear or watch anime called Special A.

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