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Conversation Between yoruichi fan and kayos
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  1. kayos
    2009-04-28 21:45
    Hey yoruichi fan, how have you been?
  2. yoruichi fan
    2008-11-27 23:26
    yoruichi fan
    happy thanksgiving to you too
  3. kayos
    2008-11-27 19:45
    Happy Thanksgiving
  4. yoruichi fan
    2008-06-07 16:19
    yoruichi fan
    yea it did make a big difference. There are a lot less white spots on the face that would make the skin look more awkward. so thanks i think i will continue to do that whenever i scan. arigtou gozaimasu. jaana
  5. yoruichi fan
    2008-06-07 14:48
    yoruichi fan
    thanks kayos i will go try that right now on that picture
  6. kayos
    2008-06-07 14:44
    If your scanner is not picking up the shades and tones, it's because you need to use a dark (preferebly black) background when scanning. It'll able to spot the difference when you do that. I always add a dark background when I'm scanning my sketches, because the paper is too white that the scanner find it difficult to pick up the shades.

    Here's an example of a image I scanned with some black papers as background.

    image with black paper background
  7. yoruichi fan
    2008-06-07 01:13
    yoruichi fan
    yea the drawing was an original self made one instead of one with reference materials so thats why the drawing isnt as good but i am working on it so hopefully the next one will be better. The reason i had to use harder strokes was because my baka scanner is terrible at picking up on color and tone. like on most of the sketches that i have poster there is shading but it cant be seen thanks to the bad printer but thanks for the tips on the colored pencil i shall try crosshatching next time
  8. kayos
    2008-06-06 02:50
    You should use your profile image for your avatar, it's much more enjoying to see her smile (or smirk can't really tell).

    Always appreciate another friend... ciao.
  9. yoruichi fan
    2008-06-05 20:02
    yoruichi fan
    thanks for the picture comment. Also critiques are always appreciated. Yea i noticed the eyes as well. originally i was planning on fitting her whole head in but i drew it too big. yoruichi rocks. She is deffinetely my favorite character. jaana

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