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Conversation Between yoruichi fan and L Lawliet 2
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  1. yoruichi fan
    2008-07-07 19:35
    yoruichi fan
    hehe. you should join my group . i am trying help people out who want to learn and am also looking for help from people who already know it.
  2. L Lawliet 2
    2008-07-07 19:33
    L Lawliet 2
    That's so awesome! I wish that I could find something like that around here. Lucky!
  3. yoruichi fan
    2008-07-07 19:30
    yoruichi fan
    yea but i am taking some japanese classes at my local city college. Its pretty fun because like half the class is into anime/video games/ manga.
  4. L Lawliet 2
    2008-07-07 19:29
    L Lawliet 2
    Why are you going to school? Isn't it summer vacation over there for you guys?
  5. yoruichi fan
    2008-07-07 19:27
    yoruichi fan
    yea we read some air gear and played a little bit of final fantasy. Also we watched dane cook the vicious circle. then i had to wake up semi early and go to class. it was all good
  6. L Lawliet 2
    2008-07-07 19:25
    L Lawliet 2
    That's cool. ^_^ So did you have fun at your friends house last night? ^_^
  7. yoruichi fan
    2008-07-07 19:23
    yoruichi fan
    nice. well it has been a good day so far. nice and relaxed. i just have to do some studying because i want to learn japanese but other than that i can do whatever i want.
  8. L Lawliet 2
    2008-07-07 19:21
    L Lawliet 2
    Nothing much. And yeah, I just found the avatar yesterday. ^_^
  9. yoruichi fan
    2008-07-07 19:09
    yoruichi fan
    not much. just reading some air gear and studying japanese. nice avatar. new? what are you up to
  10. L Lawliet 2
    2008-07-07 16:49
    L Lawliet 2
    Hey what's up?

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