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Conversation Between yoruichi fan and Bloody_Hime
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  1. yoruichi fan
    2009-01-04 19:28
    yoruichi fan
    very good to hear. yea i also like nels character in bleach just because she owns when she isnt a little kid. hehe.
  2. Bloody_Hime
    2009-01-04 17:40
    Yeah, I've read some of the manga, especially that chapter when Yoruichi beats Kisuke, when he became captain by the recommendation of her and he was afraid, so she kicked his ass. I've read it because I love the characters of the Vaizars, especially Hirako, and this chapter shows its origin, so you don't mind to spoil me that, because I've already know
  3. yoruichi fan
    2009-01-04 16:39
    yoruichi fan
    i am doing fine. how about yourself? Yea yoruichi is an awesome character. She owns people without a sword and transforms back and forth from a human to a cat. Also she just always looks really cool in the manga. like when she busts kisuke... dont want to spoil if you havent read the manga yet. anyways she always looks really cool when drawn.
    happy new year btw!!
  4. Bloody_Hime
    2009-01-02 18:29
    Hi, yoruichi fan!!! Nice to meet you!!! How are you? Yoruichi is one of my faves Bleach characters, because she's so cool and strong, and also sometimes she can be very funny as the first time she transforms back into her human form and Ichigo's like WTF!! You' re a woman, a nude woman!!! xD

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