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Conversation Between BowenArrow and serenade_beta
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  1. BowenArrow
    2008-11-12 01:33
    it sure is special..... -.-
    at least my roomate is good. >_>
  2. serenade_beta
    2008-11-11 15:35
    Calm down~
    Your new school's special, after all... Is it fun?
  3. BowenArrow
    2008-11-11 14:18
    fuckingfailshitgayassgaynoobgayihatethiswtfwhydont ihaveschooloff
    is what i think about that Lol.
  4. serenade_beta
    2008-11-11 14:15
    Veteran's day, so no school.
  5. BowenArrow
    2008-11-11 14:10
    arnt you supposed to be in school?
    or is it some BS class
  6. serenade_beta
    2008-11-07 02:06
    Still using it. Freezes at the worst times, but it's still alive... for now.
    A trojan virus infected it a few months ago though. Managed to remove it though.
  7. BowenArrow
    2008-11-07 01:55
    lol. still using that old laptop?
  8. serenade_beta
    2008-11-07 01:53
    Harder... That's true, but it also gets on my nerves for being able to do everything that goes against me. Doesn't help that I haven't had much good luck in real life after moving...
    Sigh... Well, I'll try to maintain enough motivation to stay in school, somehow.
    Dunno why I'm awake either.
  9. BowenArrow
    2008-11-07 01:50
    Rofl, im guessing school is harder then
    and YES, its friday -.-
    i dunno why im still awake...
  10. serenade_beta
    2008-11-07 01:48
    North Carolina. By the way, I had to check just now to remind me which Carolina I moved too.
    That's just how much I don't care about this place...

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