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Conversation Between Eater of All and KholdStare
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  1. KholdStare
    2010-09-26 03:03
    I'm talking about a Saimoe Wiki independent of Wikipedia. There's not much right now, but if you want to add info to the 3 saimoe's pages, then please do so.
  2. Eater of All
    2010-09-26 02:47
    Eater of All
    Sup. Are you referring to the Wikipedia page for Saimoe? I can't gurantee that I can help during the weekdays, but at least for tomorrow I have time for it.
  3. KholdStare
    2010-09-26 02:35
    Sup. Do you want to contribute to Saimoe Wiki?
  4. Eater of All
    2009-11-22 18:24
    Eater of All
    Happy birthday, you delicious little fruitcake!
  5. KholdStare
    2008-11-23 03:55
    That's okay; it's the thought that counts. Thanks for the birthday wishes!

    (I only used a semi-colon because I saw Aha posting in your profile.)
  6. Eater of All
    2008-11-22 02:37
    Eater of All
    Gahh missed the 0:00 mark....

    Oh well. Happy birthday!

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