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Conversation Between Eater of All and Crisu
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  1. Eater of All
    2008-07-16 13:09
    Eater of All
    Thanks Crisu.

    I owe you one
  2. Crisu
    2008-07-16 04:08
    on *:text:!question:#: {
    unset %r1

    set %q1 What is four times two?
    set %a1 eight

    msg $chan Time for trivia! You will have eight seconds to answer the question.
    .timer 1 3 msg $chan %q1
    .timer 1 3 set %r1 %a1
    .timer 1 11 .signal lose $chan
    .timer 1 15 msg $chan Thank you for testing out this trivia.

    on *:SIGNAL:lose: {
    if (%r1 == %a1) msg $1 Time's up! The answer is %a1 .
    unset %rl

    on *:text:%r1:#: {
    msg $chan $nick is correct with %r1 !
    unset %r1
  3. Eater of All
    2008-06-30 00:39
    Eater of All

    You can start to see me towards the end. My face is recognizable within 1 second.

    EDIT: You might see some of my twisted side. Be warned.
  4. Crisu
    2008-06-30 00:36
    What is your MAL name, and where is the ISML thread? On there I'm "Crisu"
  5. Crisu
    2008-06-16 00:09
    This is what I had in mind. Very loli and effective.

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