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Conversation Between Eater of All and Ahasuerus
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  1. Ahasuerus
    2008-09-20 02:13
    Hi Eater,
    Thanks for the link; great article, and very true! I'm all too aware of the perils of blogging, which is why I rarely bother with mine LOL I've deliberately kept it low key. Not that I've been doing a heck of a lot of writing anyway, what with the house situation, new job, and so on. Its Fate is in the hands of an Agent presently, so here's hoping she'll pick it up
    TTYL, and In Yurie We Trust :P
  2. Eater of All
    2008-09-18 18:26
    Eater of All
    Yo Ahasuerus.

    I believe I've found an interesting article that may or may not relate to you:

    By the way, good luck on your job.
  3. Eater of All
    2008-07-02 20:45
    Eater of All
    Gosh your signature is cute....

    And I searched your blog for that Konata mom/dad picture. It was love at first sight (for me)! Had my pointer on the save button in the record time of 3 seconds after I saw it.

    Maybe you should put it up on the thread too. Just tell them it's Kanata and I'm sure it won't be spoilerish.
  4. Eater of All
    2008-06-26 20:10
    Eater of All
    I see

    Then if you ever have time, go on Nihonomaru. But it's not urgent so you can take care of your house first.

    And novel?
  5. Eater of All
    2008-06-26 16:56
    Eater of All
    Wow, life has been hard for you.... All these moving and selling house problems, and now some issue with your neck? Hope you'll get well and finish moving soon!

    I'm not doing this so that you'll aid me in establishing a Yurie Empire. Yeah.

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