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Conversation Between Korinov and Gooral
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  1. Korinov
    2011-08-20 04:02
    Risen is kinda sort of a "mini-Gothic". The formula is 100% Gothic, but the map is pretty small compared to Gothic 3. At least it solved greatly the biggest problems of Gothic 3: combat system (the one in Risen is pretty good IMO, I'd even say one of the best combat systems I've ever tried in a RPG), perfomance (few bugs, runs smoothly in non-high-end computers) and difficulty balance (everything is as tough as it should be). If you like the Gothic saga, you'll enjoy Risen. But stay the hell away from the crappy "Arcania: Gothic 4", it's an insult to the Gothic franchise, I'm glad JoWood finally went bankrupt and the 'Gothic' brand returned to Piranha Bites.

    I played Bloodlines, pity the publisher (EA or Activision, I don't remember right now) rushed its development 'cuz it could have been one of the best RPG ever. Anyway I consider it a very good game, very inmersive. It's a similar case compared to what happened to Gothic 3, and both games become quite enjoyable with all the patches applied. Sadly Bloodlines meant the death of Troika.

    Fable is a very 'light' RPG, easy as pie (getting killed is quite a challenge). Anyway the story and the setting are interesting, and I regard it as the best Fable game (Fable 2 and 3 seem to be designed in a way that even a retarded baboon could complete them).
  2. Gooral
    2011-08-19 22:41
    I've played Gothic (great game) but not Risen. My friend said it was a good game but only for a one play-through. And I haven't watched trailer of Risen 2. I'm more detached from new games than I was 10 years ago since I have a rather crappy computer. Have you played Vampire The Masquerade series (Bloodlines and Redemption)? These are also very good games.There is also Arcanum, Summoner, Sacrifice (my favourite game ever besides Fallout 1, although it's not much of an RPG) and that's about it. I have to play this Risen (thanks for recommending) and Fable which I haven't played yet. I've played some jRPGs but I never liked too much focus on annoying fights which took 90% of time and were just boring.
  3. Korinov
    2011-05-17 17:28
    Well, thanks, but there's really no need. I've never cared about the 'rep' thing. I mean, are the green dots some kind of "coolness meters"? I just commented in the post cuz I still find weird that some people take what they read in the forum so seriously they have to "neg rep" you as some sort of biblical punishment.

    About The Witcher, I just hope this year's RPGs are not as dissapointing as in 2010. Two Worlds II was ok but felt like an unfinished game. Gothic 4 was rubbish. FNV had good funny dialogues and a nicely designed "atmosphere", but the game engine is just horrible. Now, Dragon Age 2 has been just 'good', nothing else. I expect nothing impressive from Skyrim so The Witcher can be the true 'savior'

    PS: Not counting in Mass Effect since I consider it a mix of ARPG with FPS more than anything else, although still pretty good anyway.
  4. Gooral
    2011-05-17 12:46
    I've given you positive reputation for this post so I hope it came down to zero or even slightly above it (have no idea how many points I gave you, hope it was more than this neg repper). Great to see more Wiedźmin fans :].

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