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Conversation Between bhl88 and Archon_Wing
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  1. bhl88
    2013-02-07 17:37
    Yeah I am. To get an autograph one must drop events.
  2. Archon_Wing
    2013-02-07 13:53
    Wait, on the Okada thread, are you going to get a signature from her or what?

    Also, Aki's list is flipped or something. XD (Just kidding)
  3. bhl88
    2013-01-31 05:50
    XD I learned how to make a character for RP.

    And yeah I don't think 100 damage will do xD. Battle Regen max + Emergency Regen max + VIT max = 100000 Hp/5 seconds xD

    Mods have 1000000 damage per sec.
  4. bhl88
    2013-01-31 05:46
    Actually I use Raising cause he's going to use Raising Heart Excellion on Aki and use Starlight Breaker Blaster 10.
  5. Archon_Wing
    2013-01-31 05:38
    Mm, Aki's not dead yet though. He's like a group event in MMORPG, and most likely regenerates health if you take too long.

    Nanoboards could L2p though.
  6. bhl88
    2013-01-31 05:33
    Lol don't worry. I'm sure you heard of Cherry Tapping...

    Since Raising Dragon was angry and told Aki off... I gave him the highest damage potential xD
  7. bhl88
    2013-01-23 02:01
    Lol wry me xD

    Edit: No idea what it means xD
  8. Archon_Wing
    2013-01-23 01:45
    Oh man, his love has turned into lurve.

    What does that mean?
  9. bhl88
    2013-01-22 20:07
    It's because of his lurve for Signum (editing stuff about Signum and people deleting it)
  10. bhl88
    2013-01-22 19:55
    Aki's getting lynched in TV tropes

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