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Conversation Between bhl88 and Kudryavka
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  1. bhl88
    2013-02-10 23:06
    And I was looking forward to a kiss in the cheek animated...
  2. Kudryavka
    2013-02-10 10:47
    Haha, I like Riki/Mio and Riki/Midori.

    I like Riki/Haruka some too, so I think I may like Riki/Kanata once I play her route or watch her route in the anime.
  3. bhl88
    2013-02-10 08:34
    XD I was into the Riki/Midori and Riki/Futaki xD
  4. Kudryavka
    2013-02-03 17:37
    I understand!

    Women like wise looking men.

    Not because they're old, because they are more experienced with life and probably have a steady job.
  5. bhl88
    2013-01-30 08:13
    lol but the most attracted to Kotetsu was women.....
  6. Kudryavka
    2013-01-30 08:10
    Ooh?! lol...

    He does have a... wisened look about him? That's how he looks, but I haven't actually watched him in action.
  7. bhl88
    2013-01-30 00:32
    Yeah I guess that guy didn't really know. I heard that the producer of Tiger &Bunny about Kotetsu... He was meant to appeal to 40 year old men.
    My reply: What.
  8. Kudryavka
    2013-01-29 22:24
    Yeah, I like your generalization. It works for like everything I think of right now.

    Maybe that person did not know of how anime or moe phenomenon is right now.
  9. bhl88
    2013-01-29 21:13
    Someone put up an interview that it was meant for girls... I shouldn't have believed it.

    I usually have a generalization of anime (and it usually works most of the time, there are some exceptions).
    Mainly female characters: for guys (Nanoha [I saw guys only lining up for the Movie the 2nd A's])
    Mainly male characters: for girls (Tiger & Bunny)
  10. Kudryavka
    2013-01-29 20:45
    Not to offend you but Keion was never meant to target girls.

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