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Conversation Between bhl88 and Nanya01
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  1. bhl88
    2014-01-15 11:13
    Yeah I did
  2. Nanya01
    2014-01-14 19:12
    Did you check the trash can? Click on trash, if you deleted everything else, they'll be in there.

    Yeah, it's messed up. =/
  3. bhl88
    2014-01-13 15:55
    I removed everything from the tracking messages, to the inbox and sent messages.
  4. Nanya01
    2014-01-10 20:23
    You have to go to trash and delete the messages there. (Yeah, dunno why that still causes it to get clogged up either.)
  5. bhl88
    2014-01-09 00:09
    Cleared it so hard, yet it still says full.
  6. Nanya01
    2013-12-30 09:37
    BTW, you didn't clear your TFF inbox out. You have to go to the trash after deleting stuff and remove it from there as well.
  7. Nanya01
    2013-12-23 20:51
    Your TFF inbox is full. Need to delete stuff, then go to trash and empty it there as well.
  8. bhl88
    2013-05-09 12:23
    Oh right I didn't pull out the details xD
  9. Nanya01
    2013-05-09 04:17
    Well, you need to specify and give details, man. We're not mind readers, ya know
  10. bhl88
    2013-05-09 01:37
    XD lol I know he made it that day.

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