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Conversation Between bhl88 and Akiyoshi
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  1. bhl88
    2012-07-08 00:38
    XD Signum is helping me find images XD
  2. bhl88
    2012-07-07 19:23
    Dunno who dominates the Servant Master relationship
  3. Akiyoshi
    2012-07-07 19:19
    Even Gilgamesh xD?
  4. bhl88
    2012-07-07 19:14
    Whoever is Kiritsugu's Servant is in suffering.
  5. Akiyoshi
    2012-07-07 19:02
    yeah, but the wrist injury left Saber with a cut tendon which left her left thumb unusable, she still can use the rest of her arm, tough.
  6. bhl88
    2012-07-07 17:04
    lol that's the wrist, not a thumb XD
  7. Akiyoshi
    2012-07-07 16:55
    Last moment of awesomeness of every Servant togheter before they star slaying the crap out of each other xDU

    And Saber still have the flu (aka disabled thumb due to Lancer's cursed injury xD).
  8. bhl88
    2012-07-07 16:52
    lol I would have done the same thing if the crazy murderer is very powerful (even if I don't like the other opponents)
  9. Akiyoshi
    2012-07-07 14:40
    By the way, i just recently joined the Weiss Schwarz group and started a new thread.
  10. bhl88
    2012-07-07 14:38
    I'm starting to agree

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