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Conversation Between dragon132004 and kitten320
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  1. kitten320
    2011-05-27 16:50
    I thought it was better to warn but it does have some great moments and music^^
    Actually have no idea, series are still ongoing. The girl from normal world was accidently tranformed back in time and for some reason everyone are females, she herself was damn confused. There seems to be some experiment happening or something, at least going by some flashbacks.

    Well if believe series explanation... kids are found in cabages, banbooks and in all other ways that parents tend to tell kids when they ask "Where do the children come from?"

    So if you happen to be bored someday, you can try to check first 3 episodes and see how it will suit your taste
    Especially if you want to watch some comedy. Also despite the looks, they are not very fanservice full either despite having such huge female cast.
  2. dragon132004
    2011-05-27 16:12
    I see... Thanks for the advice, I was interesting to see which anime is that, as you had guessed, I was looking for an Action Anime and that picture avatar was catching but for a World where everyone is a female -.-, that's a pushing over the edges, I mean did the males extinct or something and if that's the case then how come they are still alive?
    I just wanna say, shows with premise like that ain't really my cup of tea but I thank you for the explanation.

    Anyway I gotta get my stuff ready, tomorrow I have plans to go to the AnimeCon [London Movie Comic & Media Expo] .
  3. kitten320
    2011-05-27 12:10
    Hey there! It is from Sengoku Otome: Momoiro Paradox, though must warn that this series are more comedy than action. So if you are looking for some great action series with great story, it might not work. Also everyone in this world are females so there is a bit of yuri implication.

    But series are still fun so if you want to see a comedy with some action, I think you'll enjoy it

    Watch it as Comedy with action and not as Action with comedy
  4. dragon132004
    2011-05-27 04:57
    Hello there,
    I am interested to know which anime that avatar from? Its quite intriguing.

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