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Conversation Between dragon132004 and wandering-dreamer
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  1. wandering-dreamer
    2011-08-25 22:36
    I did. XD I was actually watching it when a friend messaged me asking if they had lengthen the closing song and I had to tell her to talk to me in five minutes so I could have a chance to finish it. XD
  2. dragon132004
    2011-08-25 22:18
    Check the last episode of No. 6.. It was awesome.
  3. wandering-dreamer
    2011-08-21 15:01
    I know, he's so unrecognizable when he's on stage. XD And I knew the kiss was coming/have no trouble with BL so episode seven didn't bother me at all, what bothers me is that the director doesn't seem to have realized yet that they have only four more episodes left. >.<
  4. dragon132004
    2011-08-21 11:10
    Hmm... Nezumi
    I see No.6, I do watch this show but your avatar picture was just too charming that I didn't recognize him, however I didn't like episode 7, you know they switched from yaoi subtext to full fledge YAOI.
  5. wandering-dreamer
    2011-08-20 19:48
    Yep, it's one of the characters from No.6, Nezumi (who has a job as an actor under the stage name "Eve"). I thought it was only appropriate to have two avatars of cross-dressers from noitaminA shows in a row.
  6. dragon132004
    2011-08-20 19:31
    Is that new avatar? Which anime is it from?
  7. dragon132004
    2011-08-16 12:54
    Thanks a lot mate, I hope you are doing fine. I just love Kunieda Aoi from Beelzebub, that's why I thought of making a profile with her pictures
    You might wanna check her new ED as well, It is just cute and heart-warming
  8. wandering-dreamer
    2011-08-16 05:39
    I think it looks pretty cute!
  9. dragon132004
    2011-08-14 10:20
    Yeah.. It's one of my favourites anime but sadly it's got picked up for noitminA Slot, that's why we got only 11 episodes which ruined many things for such a good anime, I mean it's story is really interesting and when they started airing the anime they have more than enough materials to make it longer, as the manga storyline is important in how each character developed, yet they packed it up in such a way, heck that stuff about the show competition and the Afro thing it didn't even happened, they just made it up as a result it ended up sorta silly. I having more fun reading the manga, Hachimitsu Scans is doing a good job in scanning it.
  10. wandering-dreamer
    2011-08-13 21:07
    Thanks for the compliment on my avatar, I really liked the Kuragehime anime and then loved the manga when I tried it out, really wish the last two episodes of the anime hadn't been so rushed now that I've seen how the manga did it.

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