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Conversation Between Mr.Raw and Star-Wing
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  1. Mr.Raw
    2012-02-20 03:47
    Where are you!? COME BACKKK
  2. Mr.Raw
    2011-10-09 06:01
    Hey you still alive? I'm done with ur gift
  3. Mr.Raw
    2011-07-11 03:55
    Just because!!! I like it

    I have chosen one I like very much as well, so I did put some more effort in it (Got very motivated to do this one )
    You're totally right about the "killer" part ._."

    Oh yeah, I am done with yours, on to the next one!
  4. Star-Wing
    2011-07-09 06:05
    Heeeeeeeeeeeey!!! Why is it fun to tease me!!!

    Really really? Which render and when will it be done!!!Yes, me excited

    That's nice Hahaha I doubt another year
    Yea, animation required killer patience and total dedication -_-" I avoid them...
    Good luck
  5. Mr.Raw
    2011-07-08 11:13
    Sure, no problémo...maybe it's not fair to let you know, but I love to tease you: I am working on your gift right now

    I'm good, very good actually I am working full-time on the gifts, gotta finish them fast or it might take another year D:
    I promised everyone that I would only make animated signatures from now on, though animated signatures take a lot of time and patience
  6. Star-Wing
    2011-07-08 07:23
    Hey, thanks for the cookies ^.^
    How are you these days?
  7. Mr.Raw
    2011-03-22 16:57
    Whaaa? Why did your parents block teh internet?

    Yeah...gotta live with it heh~?

    Awww...I miss you too
  8. Star-Wing
    2011-03-22 02:47
    Not exactly ^^; I got a mini hiatus from 'anti-net-scheme'
    Well college happened, and my parents just blocked my access to net...
    plus my PC's messed up somehow...

    Hahaha typical You finish one exams, and then get smacked by the second one

    Ummm....I am enjoying college too much (to the point my attendance has dropped
    dramatically cuz I am bunking with my friends ^^; ), but other then that, I am missing
    net, PC, PS and AS extremely....
  9. Mr.Raw
    2011-03-21 16:50
    Whoooo YOU'RE BACK!
    What happened?
    I have been doing good! Just finishing exams and all, finals are coming up

    Enough about me, MORE ABOUT YOU....How are you doing!?
  10. Star-Wing
    2011-03-21 02:52
    Lost in a black hole....
    *Sigh* I so wish to come here again....
    How have you been doing? Anything new?

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