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Conversation Between Mr.Raw and Suomi
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  1. Suomi
    2012-05-18 21:20
    Soon...when summer comes
    probably. I saturated it a lot ^^;
    well...I just don't use my MSN, ever...
  2. Mr.Raw
    2012-05-17 15:38
    Yaay I can't wait
    Hm, maybe you oversaturated it a little bit?
    Watcha hatin msn for? I have a gmail, though I never use it.
  3. Suomi
    2012-05-12 22:41
    Hahahaahaz. Oh, Sama. Okay, sexeh Kallen it is
    Well, yes, I usually play with the colors too...that's kinda what I was doing.
    MSN...I hate MSN. Get a Gmail, then we'll talk. I technically have a FB, too, but...I don't friend online people generally speaking...
  4. Mr.Raw
    2012-05-12 15:23

    "Ahum"...*fanboy - mode: off* That would be lovely, m'lady.
    I usually play with the colors to make the skin and hair fit within the signature ;D. should be more online on MSN. I am missing ya
  5. Suomi
    2012-05-11 23:44
    Hmm, so I should lessen the redness? I was just desperately trying to make it blend more, because the hair and skin was hard as hell to do that with
    Ooh, Sama approves eh? yay! ...would Sama like me to make him a sexy sig? Maybe with Kallen?
  6. Mr.Raw
    2012-05-08 12:31
    Hehe, I will see if I can find another "good" nekomimi render
    I checked ur thread, lovely sig, though I think it's a little bit too red-ish (making the render blend a bit too much into the background). Other than that it's an amazing signature, it shows you know your way with fractals/C4D's or at least are progressing on learning how to use it and it contains enough sexiness though so Sama approves
  7. Suomi
    2012-05-07 17:08
    oooh Illu-chan likes that idea even more...hopefully it will be soon!
    I should do a sexy nekomimi siggy, come tot hink of it...
    I did do a somewhat sexy sig though, it's in my thread.
  8. Mr.Raw
    2012-05-05 15:58
    Ye I wanted to use a classy nekomimi. I promise next time I do a nekomimi siggy I will dedicate that one to you...with less clothes
  9. Suomi
    2012-05-05 15:57
    Illu-chan likes but s/he is fully clothed, surprising for you
  10. Mr.Raw
    2012-05-05 13:32
    So I made a sexay nekomimi signature...

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