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Conversation Between Mr.Raw and Suomi
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  1. Suomi
    2013-04-25 22:03
    Sama? Are you alive?
    btw, what would you think of a name change to Suomi? (for me)
    it means "finland" in finnish, but mostly I just think it's pretty.
  2. Suomi
    2013-03-23 22:04
    I know I keep changing my mind, but seeing as there's trouible finding nekomimi images...
  3. Suomi
    2013-03-06 00:47
  4. Suomi
    2013-03-05 23:44
    I wish you could use the one you sent me...D:
  5. Mr.Raw
    2013-02-25 16:45
    Dammit I can't find any good Nekomimi images !
  6. Suomi
    2013-01-25 18:21
    yay photoshopping! And on second thought, since darkhalo made me my nice sig, you can go ahead and make a nekomimi one
  7. Mr.Raw
    2013-01-23 07:55
    Hey there, I just wanted to let you know I haven't forgotten about your request. I just had my exams. So I finally have some time to go back to photoshopping
  8. Suomi
    2013-01-11 19:38
    Dark, definitely. Javert is a dark character. Silver/grays, blues, blacks...he's a very strong-willed, determined man who has come far, from being born in a jail cell to an inspector...oh go watch Les Mis and then come back to me!
  9. Mr.Raw
    2013-01-11 19:09
    Well of course I would do everything for you. How can I decline your request with those eyes
    I will work on it as soon as I am able to. I still owe you a signature, I won't forget my promises
    I saw the post, but I still want more details on what you had in mind for your signature. Do you want to keep it dark as the image is, or should I lighten it up? I will ask for more details when I work on it. (when I come with new ideas)

  10. Suomi
    2013-01-11 18:57
    Oh, make me blush, will you...
    I had a signature and avatar request, I posted them in the threads but you know how I love YOUR work, Sama...*bats eyelashes* I would be ever so grateful...

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