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Conversation Between Mr.Raw and Suomi
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  1. Mr.Raw
    2010-09-14 10:26
    meh, this IS your second infraction...ain't it? That is gonna be lil bit more difficult
  2. Suomi
    2010-09-13 17:29
    I hope they will be
  3. Mr.Raw
    2010-09-13 01:35
    Awwwww too bad, next time, I will try to be faster...

    And don't worry about the bunnies From my experience they can be forgiving.
  4. Suomi
    2010-09-12 19:03
    ///too late...I didn't realise it was so big...a friend had made it for me and neglected to tell me it was over sized...and with the rotator thing, Patchy had had that on at one point so I thought....aaaaah. Now the bunnies hate me because I had sig issues twice...
  5. Mr.Raw
    2010-09-12 10:58
    Quick! Change your Signature! Or else you'll receive an infraction saying how absurdly big it is and that it exceeds the AS-safe rule

    We don't want that happening, aight?

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