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Conversation Between Mr.Raw and Butter Fly
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  1. Mr.Raw
    2012-02-20 04:17
    He mostly makes hiphop and house beats..mostly house now
    I have been on a little hiatus now (for months)...but I am finally back! Gotta stretch out ma skillz with photoshop first before I go experimenting with Cinema 4D again

    Uhh yea, excuse me too for the late reply too, laziness has become my second name D:
    The Holidays were AWESOME can't describe them otherwise what about you? How has life been treating this Butter Fly? ;D
  2. Butter Fly
    2012-01-11 01:10
    Butter Fly
    Oh. What kind of music does your friend like?
    And how is the experiment going on with the 3D texts?

    Yeah. I like Gimp Yeah, rikikai is a good avatar n sig maker
    Really sorry about the late reply. How were the holidays n the new celebrations like?
  3. Mr.Raw
    2011-12-26 18:38
    I have been experimenting with 3D texts, trying some stuff to use for advertisement for my friend who's a music producer ;D

    I heard many good things about Gimp, I might try it out from time to time .
    Thanks for the compliment! rikikai made it for me, I myself love it too
  4. Butter Fly
    2011-11-27 05:45
    Butter Fly
    Hey. Been a while.. Well what were you actually experimenting?

    Lolz. You should try Gimp. Though I found it a little hard to understand n use its function >.< But if you have photoshop you don't really need Gimp
    And btw, lovely avatar
  5. Mr.Raw
    2011-11-23 06:49
    Yea, I haven't experimented for a while, was too busy doing experiments ;D

    I do think you can do MUCH more with photoshop, when it comes to photomanipulations or photo-retouchings. But then again, I have never 'touched' Gimp before
  6. Butter Fly
    2011-11-11 05:46
    Butter Fly
    Hehe. Either of them are great. But neat one is far too good

    Lolz. It toltally depends on which one you prefer
  7. Mr.Raw
    2011-11-04 05:34
    It's pretty hard, I'm used the the neat lay-out of Photoshop and not this advanced (messy) lay-out @_@"

    Nope, I have never used Gimp...Photoshop > Gimp IMO
  8. Butter Fly
    2011-10-27 02:08
    Butter Fly
    Cinema 4D? Cool
    Howz the experimenting going on? I never used Cinema, but heard a lot about it

    Photoshop has pretty nice functions, so I just stick to it. Did u ever use Gimp?
  9. Mr.Raw
    2011-10-21 08:10
    At the moment I use Photoshop CS5, but nowadays I am also experimenting with Cinema 4D
  10. Butter Fly
    2011-10-21 06:50
    Butter Fly
    Nah. But we have now
    So anywayz, which program do ya use for creating sigs?

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