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Conversation Between Mr.Raw and Merilyn Mensola
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  1. Mr.Raw
    2012-10-10 07:07
    I'm doing great bro! I am about to go to college. I always work-out right after college

    Today is triceps and shoulders. I am looking forward to it. I already feel really pumped! ^^
  2. Merilyn Mensola
    2012-10-10 06:33
    Merilyn Mensola
    Ehi Bro, are you doing well??

    Have you become like Schwarzenegger??
  3. Merilyn Mensola
    2012-10-05 06:50
    Merilyn Mensola
    I can give you an advice,it's ok with the weight you're using, you're a beginner so is normal at first to use little weight, however, for me isn't good to do Biceps and Chest every day, because the muscles have to rest, if not,you will not increase the weight, but lose it...

    Glad you liked my new AMV
  4. Mr.Raw
    2012-10-04 10:17
    I'm doing great bro! I've been very busy with college and stuff D:
    I'm still tired of the training of yesterday though, did some good work on my triceps
    Today I will train again though, I don't feel any pain in my muscles and have enough motivation to go on ;D

    Ah yes the update on your training schedule:
    The cardio advise is great for me! 20 mins on 7 km is perfect. Also, the sets are working great for me too!
    Spoiler for Trainingday 1:

    Spoiler for Trainingday 2:

    Spoiler for Trainingday 3:

    I do my Biceps and Chest every day. Exercises with shoulder, biceps and triceps I tried to increase the weight...but I can't do that. It becomes wayy too heavy for me So I just stay with the regular 5 kg for now. Maybe in a few weeks I will be able to step up my game

    Thanks again for the great schedule bro. In general it's working great for me. If you have any new exercises or tips, they're always welcome

    You made a new AMV...with Sexy Anime Girls!? DAMN I NEED TO CHECK THAT STRAIGHT AWAY

    *hears music* nice I really like this track ^^
  5. Merilyn Mensola
    2012-10-04 06:51
    Merilyn Mensola
    Bro are you doing well?

    Training? other stuff?

    I made a new amv.. a friend request..if you have the time, watch called sexy anime girls
  6. Merilyn Mensola
    2012-09-29 07:52
    Merilyn Mensola
    I'm not really good in cooking

    I always eat the same things, only in saturday and sunday i eat what i want

    From Monday to Friday fish and meat a rulezzzz
  7. Mr.Raw
    2012-09-28 11:56
    I love it bro! I still need to find a good partner for bench press, but other than that...I have the feeling I am working out much more efficiently!

    As for the diet: I haven't been able to follow it properly, I need to learn myself to make some pasta and make the chicken (+ vegetables). Have you got some good recipes for me? ;D
    I can't really cook yet. (also, I don't like fish D: )
  8. Merilyn Mensola
    2012-09-28 10:22
    Merilyn Mensola
    Bro!! i want you know your update!!!

    By the way, do you like my training schedule?
  9. Mr.Raw
    2012-09-28 07:13
    Hey there, I just wanted to let you know that I will give you an update on the training schedule this sunday, so far so good!
  10. Merilyn Mensola
    2012-09-25 03:50
    Merilyn Mensola
    Ok, if you eat Pasta then let's start like this, because you're a beginner so you don't have to follow the diet perfectly...

    Spoiler for DIET:

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