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Conversation Between Mr.Raw and mystogan
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  1. mystogan
    2012-10-29 19:46
    well then just use the wikia of it, i am sure you will info on his innocence on how i told it,
    And also may be i should congratulate you, you managed to scare me with one of my favorite characters in the entire anime world, even if you wee not trying to, so CONGRATULATIONS!!!
  2. Mr.Raw
    2012-10-29 19:42
    I will take your request seriously though. It's just that I never had this kind of feedback before
    Don't worry about it bro, I will into it ^^ (Oh and I am not familiar with the anime, I just watched a few vids op youtube.)
  3. mystogan
    2012-10-29 19:32
    i laugh it off if you want to, i know it sounds ridiculous and hilarious of me saying all that, but seriously......
  4. Mr.Raw
    2012-10-29 19:19
    replied to you in the thread
  5. mystogan
    2012-10-29 18:51
    hey i appreciate your work, but the avatar you made scared the hell out of me, for a moment i thought it was from a horror show or what
    i never thought it would be like this,i am very very sorry but the close up you made of his cursed eye his actually scary,at least to me it is,

    it would have been better if you covered the entire of him and animated an action move of him, and please lose the red border.
    once again i am very very sorry
  6. mystogan
    2012-10-04 13:49
    so you want to do large scale reactions with harmful chemicals huh, who knows i might wake up and read in the news paper "a young chemical experimentalist blows off the entire plant while playing with hazardous chemicals"
    but hey look at the bright side you might gain some kind of superpower from it .......
  7. Mr.Raw
    2012-10-04 07:04
    Oh no I am already past those boring things...I am going to do things much bigger! I will work with huge process plants and factories. I kind of dislike the idea of in a lab doing small stuff and sometimes...I even feel lonely there. It's just wayy too quiet.

    Also I dislike the idea of doing everything so precise on the milliliters or even microliters , instead I just want to pour liters of methanol-propanol solution in my process plant and do some distillation!
  8. mystogan
    2012-10-04 04:56
    same here been tired because of the college stuff, an artist block uh, well you can always surf the net looking artworks , might inspire you,
    And so i see you are studying chemical engineering, so doing all the titration and stuff
  9. Mr.Raw
    2012-10-04 02:28
    Been very busy with college and stuff, also whenever I try to Photoshop (in my free time), I can't come up with ANYTHING....I think I have an artists block
  10. mystogan
    2012-10-03 14:52
    so, what have you been doing??, i've gotten very bored and tired

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