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Conversation Between Mr.Raw and mystogan
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  1. mystogan
    2012-07-13 11:31
    i have two options in mind, an action animated gif avatar of Allen walker from D.gray man, here's a similar to what i want
    or a beautiful avatar of Mio from K-on,but i'll this avatar to be a unique one, not the typical Mio avatar that we mostly see around,
    HD quality, great colors, etc etc
    that's for avatar i guess, for signature i haven't thought yet,
    you got any ideas for it
  2. Mr.Raw
    2012-07-12 15:52
    Sure thing! Just give me something to work with
    (image, theme, or just the character you like) ;D

    I will work on it ASAP. Though I will go on a holiday to Africa over a few days (for three weeks). If I can't make it before that. I will make it after my holiday
  3. mystogan
    2012-07-12 13:50
    hey i am in search of a new avatar ans signature, now i could have just posted this in the request thread, but since you had once asked me personally about it , i ask you directly , think you can do some work on it
  4. mystogan
    2012-06-22 14:16
    i knew it's Kaileena, just wasn't sure of it, who wouldn't know a lady that gorgeous,
    well right now i am in search of a new signature, i am not getting any nice wallpaper to begin with
  5. Mr.Raw
    2012-06-22 13:03
    It's Kaileena from Prince Of Persia game/s.
    another user: milan_kyuubi made it for me

    I am a 'graphic designer', so if you ever feel the need for a new set or need an image rendered, I am your man!
  6. mystogan
    2012-06-22 11:45
    it's completely my pleasure, glad i could make you happy, if there is anything i need i will let you know
    for now just tell me who is the lady in your avatar, it seems i have seen her somewhere
  7. Mr.Raw
    2012-06-22 09:26
    I just wanted to thank you again for those awesome postings. If there is anything I can do for you, do tell

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