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Conversation Between Mr.Raw and The Chaos
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  1. The Chaos
    2013-01-08 16:53
    The Chaos
    I'm lazy OTL

    yay ...although manga much better but you still One Piece fan
  2. Mr.Raw
    2013-01-07 13:09
    Wo-woahh..late reply indeed ...Well good to know that you're still alive

    Yes! I am fully up-to-date and I have become a full One Piece fan as well
    I am not reading the manga though, just following the anime ^^
  3. The Chaos
    2013-01-07 11:47
    The Chaos
    sorry for late reply >_<
    "MIA" mean "Missing In Action" you still watch One Piece ?
  4. Mr.Raw
    2012-08-22 03:13
    What does "MIA" mean, if I may ask?
    So you're slowly getting back to the anime world, what animes are you watching now?

    YES YES YES I strongly agree with you! I am loving it soo much, I am now at episode 440. Every episode made me laugh so far, this anime is sooo much better than Bleach. It has no downsides, it's always great. Great Usopp avatar you have there btw

    I have had fun here, lots of monkeys just walking around right in front of your hotel room. It was a fun experience
  5. The Chaos
    2012-07-16 04:12
    The Chaos
    I been MIA because of k-pop boyband (TVXQ) ..thanks to them I got addict to twitter and stalk their news OTL but I'm slowly getting back to anime world

    YAY One Piece IS GREAT ...glad you started it , make sure to catch up with manga after the anime

    btw have fun in your vacation ^___^
  6. Mr.Raw
    2012-07-16 04:02
    Haha it really has been a long time eh? I guess a lot of things happened in the mean time. Tell me about it

    I am just celebrating my vacation and will go on a holiday to Afrika in a few days. Though I have been too busy to do any photoshopping .

    I have decided to watch One Piece this vacation . I am already at episode 321 and I am really loving. I really wonder why I haven't watched the show before

    So how about you?
  7. The Chaos
    2012-07-16 03:51
    The Chaos
    Hi Hi been while since I been in AS T_T
    how is everything ? ^__^
  8. Mr.Raw
    2012-05-03 10:50
    Hey there, long time no see. What's up ?
  9. Mr.Raw
    2012-01-06 16:09
    Got new exams coming up, nerd-mode activated!

    Happy holidays to you too my dear friend, how were they?
  10. The Chaos
    2011-12-27 20:53
    The Chaos
    great to know ^^
    btw Happy Holidays I hope you enjoyed it

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