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Conversation Between Mr.Raw and crazyhorse
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  1. Mr.Raw
    2008-09-06 10:12
    thanx for the information
  2. crazyhorse
    2008-09-05 06:10
    How I made the sig? I use Photoshop 7.

    As for learning. Pretty much from this site. I started with making Avatars and then experiementing with sigs. I also took a photoshop class at school, but yeah it was mostly this site that started me off. That and a lot of hours experimenting
  3. Mr.Raw
    2008-09-05 00:50
    Back ^^.....I would like to ask you how you made the pic??(which progams you used or which site you used()
  4. Mr.Raw
    2008-08-20 11:19
    Thank you very much for the information^^...but You still will be the best for me(for now)
  5. crazyhorse
    2008-08-18 14:03

    There are plenty better than me in the Fan Creation thread
  6. Mr.Raw
    2008-08-18 07:17
    WHAT????? A NEWBI????/ Are you saying there are better ones than you??? where??? (would you like to tell me???)
  7. crazyhorse
    2008-08-18 06:48
    Haha I'm glad you like them. I dunno, I never felt like I needed to put that label on my name. I just do sigs and requests whenever I feel like it and really, I'm still such a newbie at it
  8. Mr.Raw
    2008-08-18 06:39
    What!!!!!!???? Don't thank me I should Thank you for being Friends with a artist like you
    No kidding No problemo I really liked the sigs you made for me Why aren't you a graphic designer?????
  9. crazyhorse
    2008-08-18 06:35
    Ahahaha. Sure and thanks for the friend request
  10. Mr.Raw
    2008-08-18 06:20
    I saw you were a a female (in "about me") So Would you like to be my friend?????
    Now I can tell I luv you xD

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