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Conversation Between Mr.Raw and kitten320
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  1. kitten320
    2010-10-11 16:27
    Ok, will do
  2. Mr.Raw
    2010-10-10 14:52
    Hm...I like a balance of those two

    Keep me up-to-date about it
  3. kitten320
    2010-10-10 12:47
    That's true, but extreme tops views for me

  4. Mr.Raw
    2010-10-10 11:33
    Really? I can't imagine that ...Mountains are always a beauty to see
    Extreme huh? ...Count me in

    Good for you! It seems you are getting in touch more and more people
  5. kitten320
    2010-10-10 09:54
    Yep! at first I was slightly complaining since guide made no stops and I was completly tired but once we reached the middle, it was another story
    If you wanted to see nice views, you would be dissapointed. But if you want extreme, that trip woud be the best

    Lol by the end of it I had talked to almost each member of our lost team
  6. Mr.Raw
    2010-10-10 08:21
    Freaking Awesome!

    I wish I got stuck with some friends (and ladies ) on a mountain


    *is jealous of you*

  7. kitten320
    2010-10-09 13:58
    Wow... today I had my first hiking trip and it left seriouse impact! To be short, 11-13 of us got completly forgotten on the half way by the guide and we were stuck on the mountain where wind was litterally blowing you off your feet and you couldn't see beyond 10 meters because of thick fog. You could seriously write a book about this trip!
  8. Mr.Raw
    2010-10-08 10:31
    Ah well...I'll just have to wait 2 years...

    Motorbike licence huh?...sounds pretty cool
  9. kitten320
    2010-10-07 14:26
    Lol thanks^^

    Yeh, I guess she is
    It is fun to spend time with her^^

    Ah, poor you! Well I hope you will have better luck with driving tests than I did.
    I was thinking about getting license for motorbike, but I'll wait a bit.
  10. Mr.Raw
    2010-10-05 14:32
    You are never alone sis...Never

    Hm. I am pretty sure she is worth driving 4 hours, right?

    Great! I have to wait like for like 2 years before I can drive x_x" you can drive...what's next? ?

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