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Conversation Between Mr.Raw and Endrance
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  1. Mr.Raw
    2011-09-18 06:38
    Hey! Thanks fellow animator! May there be many animations to come
  2. Endrance
    2011-09-17 04:42
    Happy Birthayz!!
  3. Mr.Raw
    2010-11-06 07:09
    I am finally done with my thread!

    Check it out

  4. Endrance
    2009-06-21 16:31
    Yeh ive stated doing nothing but animated sigs lately Gotta go back to doing static ones before i forget how to make them
  5. Mr.Raw
    2009-06-21 04:05
    Nah........I suck big Time ....I am a big Fan Of lv23's work
    .....(Although She Denies That She One Hell Of A Good Photoshopper >.<)
    (I do need to practice how to make still signatures...I only do animated signatures _)
  6. Endrance
    2009-06-19 15:56
    Thanks for the comment i like yours too you have gotten really good
  7. Mr.Raw
    2009-05-28 14:09
    Thnx ...Than I will start my own thread
  8. Endrance
    2009-05-28 14:05
    Yeh i really think you should your sigs are really good
  9. Mr.Raw
    2009-05-28 10:27
    Hey Endrance ,

    Do you have MSN?, If so could you PM it to me
    Just a minute ago I saw your thread ( named: Endrance's Signatures)...
    And I thought of myself, should I also have one for myself? What do you think ^^
  10. Mr.Raw
    2009-01-26 11:35
    Thank you very much Endrance ...You're not either

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