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Conversation Between Mr.Raw and Crimrui
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  1. Crimrui
    2012-07-29 12:03
    I'm alive bro... but super busy. And I'm kinda in a foul mood these days so I don't really post much. I lurk a bit...

    You'll get your monthly dose if you give me the name of the girl you have as your current avatar. That's a fair deal I guess.
  2. Mr.Raw
    2012-06-29 07:08
    Bro..are you dead or what? We haven't talked in a long fucking time D:

    What's up!?

    and give me some nose-bleed material nao, dammit I've been dry wayy for too long D:
  3. Mr.Raw
    2012-02-23 02:01
    I seriously don't know mayne, ganbaru made me as a gift D:

    Still no nosebleed?
  4. Crimrui
    2012-02-22 20:03
    Still waiting for your answer about who that girl on your previous signature was. Until you answer that... no nosebleeds. XD
  5. Mr.Raw
    2012-02-22 17:15
    She surely did bro...she surely give me my daily nosebleed! D:
  6. Crimrui
    2012-02-22 16:17
    Rikikai really made us some awesome signatures, right bro? ^^
  7. Crimrui
    2012-01-23 07:14
    Bro, who is the sexy lady in your signature? ^^
  8. Mr.Raw
    2012-01-06 16:07
    Awww I love you so much ... Bromance
    You already made one of my wishes come true, my first nosebleed in 2012!
  9. Crimrui
    2012-01-01 07:02
    Spoiler for Image size:

    Best wishes to you little bro. May all your wishes come true!
  10. Mr.Raw
    2011-11-23 06:51
    Yea...being a gentleman is hard you know D:
    Every now and then I need some nosebleed, who else is more suited for that job than my internet bro
    I'm still waiting for your pms ;D

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