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Conversation Between Mr.Raw and Crimrui
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  1. Crimrui
    2009-10-23 04:09
    Haha, yeah ecchi all the way. Blame artists for that. Strange to see you a ''cured'' member still liking to see and post some of it. Just admit it, it's in your blood, you can't get away from it
  2. Mr.Raw
    2009-10-23 02:28
    I see that you're still a ecchi lover ..will post some in the bleach image thread..(if they want of course )
  3. Mr.Raw
    2009-10-22 02:06
    WTH......for now, I am a girl
  4. Crimrui
    2009-10-20 18:45
    I kinda feel like, that I was hypnotized by your avatar before.... deja vu....

    Anyway, what's up man! Hope you're doing ok =)

    And wait... weren't you a male before...? I think I'm gonna go crazy, maybe I was talking with someone else before...
  5. Crimrui
    2009-08-06 18:54
    You know, I'm thinking in getting rid of those ecchi pics, as it seems zero girls visit my profile these days

    I imagine you had a whole album in here
  6. Mr.Raw
    2009-08-05 15:08
    Hey how About this one

    or this one

    did ya know that in some land broadcasing bleach is forbidden because it is considered as soft porn there ...well...these pictures kinda support that XD...
  7. Crimrui
    2009-08-05 11:14
    I kinda like visiting your profile because of the picture. It's so superb. Ok I know, I'm scared of myself as well XD
  8. Mr.Raw
    2009-08-04 05:55
    I already was afraid you would say that ...I only did like the soft ecchi hardcore..they suck >_<
    -_-'''s hard to keep my ex-perv status......

    This one is one of the best ecchi pics I have ever seen O_O
    I should +rep you for that :P
  9. Crimrui
    2009-08-03 16:51
    You said that you are an ex-perv XD
    And yeah, I'm already in ''that'' world. About my album, thanks, but too bad there aren't any extreme pics allowed
  10. Mr.Raw
    2009-08-02 13:23
    Hey...Sorry for the late reaction..I was on a vacation in Egypt
    Does My Profile Pic turn you into the world of the pervs......

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