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Conversation Between Mr.Raw and KimmyChan
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  1. KimmyChan
    2009-07-09 10:02
    I don't have them made for me, nor do I make them myself

    I just find them via random searches online at various image hosting websites
  2. Mr.Raw
    2009-07-09 10:01
    No problem you make the signatures yourself, or by someone else??
  3. KimmyChan
    2009-07-01 10:48
    Here's hoping! It only ever seems to happen when I use my boyfriend's laptop round his house, never on my own PC at home! It can get pretty annoying when it wants to be though, seeing as I stay round at my boyfriend's house & use his internet access 3 times a week!
  4. Mr.Raw
    2009-07-01 10:34
    Lets hope that never may happen again
  5. KimmyChan
    2009-07-01 05:57
    It was annoying the crap out of me by not working properly

    Hopefully nothing like that will end up cropping up again in future anytime soon
  6. KimmyChan
    2009-07-01 05:02
    Lol! I'm glad you accepted & I'm please at that, and no, you're not sounding like a girl at all...I like making friends right here at AS, and you're the newest one of them
  7. Mr.Raw
    2009-07-01 04:54
    Woah...You want me to be your friend...EVEN IF IT KILLS YOU ....I don't know what to say...O_O... I don't know how handle this...I guess I'll have to say this....I admire your determination to achieve your goal (which was to befriend me )...I guess this will turn to a beautiful friendship ^^....(Do I sound like a female now ???)
  8. KimmyChan
    2009-07-01 04:35
    Hooray! I was finally able to add you & your friend request to my list today!

    I finally found a way for it to work without mucking around like it was yesterday
  9. KimmyChan
    2009-06-30 13:14
    Waaaah! I've recieved your friend request, but it's not adding you when I ask it to!

    What the hell is going on with this stupid laptop I'm using! I promise to get it fixed & you added though even if it kills me, it WILL accept you!
  10. Mr.Raw
    2009-06-30 13:00
    Sure, why not ^^

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