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Conversation Between Mr.Raw and Chimuts
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  1. Mr.Raw
    2012-08-22 03:19
    Ohhh I know none of those animes you just mentioned Please tell me more about them!
    I am now at episode 440. When I have catched up with the anime, I will start reading the manga. It's simply one of the best animes I have watched in my whole life.

    Ohhh that's a pretty big list, haha. I will just name the games I play mainly then:
    - Battlefield 3
    - Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars & Kane's Wrath (lan with friends)
    - Mass Effect
    - Minecraft
    - Bulletstorm
    - Crysis 2
    - COD Black Ops Zombie Mode (PS3)

    That's about it.
  2. Chimuts
    2012-07-09 06:05
    I am watching Accel World, Kokoro Connect, and also SAO :3 as for the old animes, I am going to watch Shana and ZnT~ it sure is a long list... but this is a holiday so it's fine!
    One piece is good! do you read the manga as well?
    mm I play LoL, and he somehow dragged me to play L4D2 as well -.- what games do you play? :3
  3. Mr.Raw
    2012-07-09 05:26
    Oh what animes are you watching now? I have decided to watch One Piece. I am at episode 231 already, I have no regrets (for all that time).

    And pretty much the same as you, I'm also gaming with my friends. What games do you guys play, if I may ask ;D? I am also planning to set up a LAN party. ^^
  4. Chimuts
    2012-07-08 19:26
    Hi there! :3 it certainly has been a while XD
    mm catching up on some animes now that it's holiday, and watching new ones, as well as gaming with my friends how about you?
  5. Mr.Raw
    2012-07-05 04:14
    Hey, long time no see!

    I am catching up with some old friends, what's up?
  6. Mr.Raw
    2011-01-03 00:27
    Belated Happy New Year!
  7. Mr.Raw
    2010-10-21 11:57
    Oh definitely makes life a lot more interesting

    Ah yes, we are Risk-takers ...All or nothing
  8. Chimuts
    2010-10-21 01:52
    After all, laughter makes your day colourful
    So it is all or nothing for us?
  9. Mr.Raw
    2010-10-21 01:25
    Ah yes, I agree with ya on that one, really. Me and my friends laugh everyday at school

    I have got exactly the same thing ! When I work, I can for for 4 ~ 5 hours straight...or else I will be doing nothing
  10. Chimuts
    2010-10-20 06:50
    It's fun for me since there are always fun things when me and my classmates gather, even when in class
    I may be hardworking or lazy depending on my mood... when I get to the mood I can study hard but otherwise it's study 10 minutes break 30 minutes @_@

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