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Conversation Between Kuroda and Lord of Pandemonium
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  1. Kuroda
    2011-10-19 23:29
    Sorry about the delay.... I'm re-installing imageready... as the one i had was pissing me off because it was mixing up frames and i dont feel like putting a puzzle of 600 or so frames together will update you on things as i get them but it won't be long.
  2. Lord of Pandemonium
    2011-10-19 22:46
    Lord of Pandemonium
    Thank you!
  3. Kuroda
    2011-10-19 17:25
    Will do this when I return home from shopping, count on it.
  4. Lord of Pandemonium
    2011-10-19 02:14
    Lord of Pandemonium
    Can you make me a gif about the same size as my current signature of chigorukiruki filler 287? I took the timing from the sub

    from 16:33-16:48 and 16:49-17:00...I want you to combine them and gut a few frames..I want the clip to start from Sougyoku being released, pecks on her forehead, chigo saves her she cries he gives her a noogie on the forehead, rinse and repeat .

    Second Clip--can you please put two parts together? I want Byakuya taking off the Ambassador Seaweed Suit @ 17:21-17:25 combined with Chigo lifting the Zangetsu in a fighting stance and then Byakuya in a fighting stance and powering up from 17:43-17:50

    so it looks like Byakuya takes off the suit and then they face off and power up?

    Size doesn't matter...

  5. Kuroda
    2011-10-05 17:19
    I'll be looking momentarily, feel free to send me times and I'd be more than happy to make gifs for you.
  6. Lord of Pandemonium
    2011-10-04 04:30
    Lord of Pandemonium
    I got Renji renders for you to have, even if you can't use them here just yet. Just get them out of my Album if you haven't already been there

    Would you mind making to get a few gifs from Bleach 342?
  7. Kuroda
    2011-09-13 04:19
    Add me on msn? xD I has questions

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