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Conversation Between Kuroda and BleachOD
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  1. Kuroda
    2008-07-21 10:45
    Yeah, i was working on something so i took me a minute to get around to it, i accept your apology, really. its fine.
  2. Kuroda
    2008-07-21 02:59
    Godlike did same thing YOU DID and BOTH Kuroda and Frenchie spoke out against it...but I let him have it in the end. His memory is short....He was on my side last time.
    Theres one problem with that yo, you had the signature customized before godlike go to it, this time you were the one in godlikes position think about it. the signature was customized for Ryokara and THEN you came in.
  3. Kuroda
    2008-07-20 22:53
    Your obviously immature in nature, you act liek a five year old, if you continure to harass me for defending someone, action might be taken against you.
  4. Kuroda
    2008-06-19 06:33
    ahhh it was no problem really it took all of like two minutes minor adjustments to gifs and images are nothing =P and thats what im called around my house and with my friends =P i have no problem with you calling me that. if you need anything else adjuted just let me know.
  5. BleachOD
    2008-06-19 03:13
    That's just fine ...Thanks "Mr. Nice Guy"<--your new name ^.^

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