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Conversation Between Kuroda and kitten320
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  1. Kuroda
    2009-06-12 05:15
    ah i to just awoke from my slumber (xD Biblical talk so not me) I'll await the time when you aren't so busy to talk
  2. kitten320
    2009-06-12 05:00
    Hey there, just woke up.
    Sadly I have some things to now and later I'll have to go to school -_-

    But if I'll do everythingthat is needed, I'll talk to you
  3. Kuroda
    2009-06-12 04:53
    still awake aleja?! I'm on skype, would love to chat with you.
  4. kitten320
    2009-06-11 19:58
    I like this kind of games^^

    But I mostly like strategies XD
  5. Kuroda
    2009-06-11 19:08
    Something like that.
  6. kitten320
    2009-06-11 17:06
    Never played them XD
    Are they like eeehhh... what was the word... well when you walk around and kill others, accomplish missions and staff?
  7. Kuroda
    2009-06-11 17:01
    nothing special really, Dota (defense of the ancients) a warcraft three mod. and a a couple free mmos Rappelz and runes of magic
  8. kitten320
    2009-06-11 17:00
    Yeh that's true... And which games were you playing?
  9. Kuroda
    2009-06-11 16:55
    there isn't much one can do lol.
  10. kitten320
    2009-06-11 16:11
    Yeh, understand you there... don't know what to suggest for you to make it better...

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