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Conversation Between Kuroda and kitten320
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  1. kitten320
    2009-05-06 17:17
    I've send an invitation. Hope you received it
  2. Kuroda
    2009-05-06 17:09
    I do have a skype my user name for that is rroske0723 feel free to add me~
  3. kitten320
    2009-05-06 16:59
    Well by removing old threads and instead creating new versions for them, I don't think it would make big change

    And yeh, I also think that a lot of threads should be fully removed since some of them had asked questions for which we already have 100% answers from Kubo.

    I don't know why it doesn't allow it
    But I do have skype! Do you have one? It is similar to MSN.

    But I still try to find pictures which I would like to have for sig... sadly I like so many characters so it is really hard to choose which one I want more
    Yep, one more week left for that

    Agreed, it should balance.
  4. Kuroda
    2009-05-06 16:50
    Yeah, The mods don't like people making new threads which involve "listing" favorites threads a barely on the edge of that I should. I could ask Hellychan if I could re-make some of the old threads but it would take some time. i feel that we should also do some clean up on dead threads that havnt been posted in for a long time. Not having msn install on your computers kinda lame... there's always E-messengers though Like E-Buddy. No rush though. My sig is extremely simple as most things I do are Hisagi I've just been waiting to do anything with because I can't use pictures of his zanpaktou openly when its released soon it won't matter though xD as for the thread situation we do need a fav male arrancar and fav male character that's not arrancar to go along with the female ones x.X makes no sense to have one but not the other.
  5. kitten320
    2009-05-06 15:03
    Yeh you are right,better take it here.

    Actually if I don't mistake those threads are not that new... but I really think that more logical would be start the old ones from the begining

    As I and many others said before, those threads are 3-4 years old
    Even mine mind had changed over that time too
    For example I never was big Soi Fon fan, it happened recently by some strange reason
    Who knows, maybe year later I won't like her anymore
    So yeh, it is kind of strange that they don't do something about it

    Sadly I don't have MSN, it doesn't install on my computer

    P.S.By the way, I like your Hisagi signature
  6. Kuroda
    2009-05-06 12:46
    Thouht I'd pull this over from the thread.. rather than have a thread where you and I just talk to eachother. I don't know why new polls aren't made much less the recent threads where they talked about "what went wrong with bleach" and the captians thread.... who the heck came up with those? x.x anyway if i'm not on here feel free to message me on my msn if you have one

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